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CIMT2009 eleventh exhibition of China International machine tool
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3. Clean ground is exhibited have place only, without other establishment.
4. If domestic company exhibits the joint-stock brand product that produces in home or the foreign brand product that home produces, all press joint-stock or foreign capital standard collects fees.

3, exhibit an application
Independent ginseng exhibits a manufacturer or exhibit a group via sponsorring what the unit approves uniform and direct to sponsor association of industry of tool of unit China machine tool to exhibit a conduction ginseng to exhibit formalities. Ginseng of foreign capital enterprise signing up is exhibited, contact with association international ministry directly please.
1. Join please exhibit an unit to press need to fill good eleventh exhibition of China International machine tool (CIMT2009) ginseng extend application form (see accessory) , build official seal, fax or return my association to show a department, ginseng exhibit declare time to end on September 30, 2008, with indicia or receive fax time to be accurate. Join the unit that exhibits a group, should will join exhibit application form to be sent ahead of schedule be in charge of forming a delegation unit.
2. Machine tool that exhibition ginseng exhibits should be advanced and applicable, the product with reliable quality. The ginseng that examines to passing item on display exhibits an unit, by me association exhibition ministry is given out " ginseng exhibit declare manual " , invite attend exhibition provision to meet.
3. Receive " ginseng exhibit declare manual " unit, press formulary time fill in a form and submit it to the leadership please relevant content, send a delegate to attend to show preliminary meeting at what the last ten-day of a month held in November 2008 on time (specific time and place inform separately) . Session, sign formally extend a contract that rent, conduction item on display is carried, exhibit build decorate, life of demand of report, gas, water, staff member is recieved, data of proceedings of a conferences, conduct propaganda, internet and field the item such as advertisement.
4. Each ginseng exhibits an unit to need on Feburary 15, 2009 before, will answer the concerned ginseng of capture exhibits charge to collect association of industry of tool of Chinese machine tool (detailed sees payment notice is odd) , the contract just is effective. On the newspaper of detailed list of item on display that exhibits the final ginseng that affirm or revises again at the same time, so that be publicized to the user, improve exhibition result.

4, association forms a delegation about branch enter the arrangement that extends the job
Association of industry of tool of Chinese machine tool entrusts following and professional branch to be joined to what its belong to major enterprise to form a delegation exhibit, at reflecting its with benefit the integrality of the industry visits a choose and buy with facilitating user. These branch are: Branch of branch of non-traditional machine tool, tool branch, machine tool electric equipment, abrasive grinds a branch, exceed hard data branch, besmear to add grind branch of system of branch of accessory of a branch, machine tool, numerical control, number to show part of function of branch of component of function of device branch, scroll, main shaft professional committee. In the meantime, invite Shanghai the unit such as association of tool of industry of machinery of electric, Tianjin, aerospace is in what its belong to district major limits to form a delegation flutter.
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