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CIMT2009 eleventh exhibition of China International machine tool
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The sponsor person of CIMT is association of industry of tool of Chinese machine tool, also the association of industry of machine tool tool of each country home and area cooperates actively. Association does the industry sex advantage that extend, the machine tool tool that makes the world famous makes enterprise all ginseng exhibit, CIMT gathers together industry elite. CIMT already was become in specific time, specific place, efficient inspect the world to make technical new progress, market new trend, new facility of choose and buy, seek collaboration, wide make friend, accurate reveal industry new appearance, make the industry distinguished gathering of participator come back with fruitful results.
2009 eleventh exhibition of China International machine tool will exhibit a center in the Beijing China International of new completion (new house) hold, exhibit new house to exhibit the addition of the area as the country, all be not worth exhibition of before making 10 CIMT because of exhibiting a house, and the circumstance that restricts product, technology badly to be revealed adequately will get alleviating. CIMT2009 will postpone business to join over, for the user, for all guest attending the meeting, provide the opportunity that is worth to expect more before relatively and stage.
Hope each ginseng exhibits an enterprise to be rolled out more those who have own innovation technology is new article, high-quality goods, name is tasted ginseng exhibit, exhibit an enterprise to be the same as stage athletics with foreign ginseng.
2009 eleventh the grand meeting of the industry of world machine tool that exhibition of China International machine tool will be a Gao Shuiping, high quality, high grade, will promote the rapid development of progress of technology of our country mechanical manufacturing industry and industry of machine tool tool.

Work current exhibition flutter now specific arrangement informs as follows:
One, limits of item on display
Cut of metal of instrument, numerical control reachs forging press of the numerical control non-traditional machine tool such as machine tool of cutting of numerical control metal, report treatment and laser beam machining, numerical control solder mould of equipment, numerical control and plank machine equipment, industry robot, flexible component of actuating device of production unit and system of production system, numerical control, servo, function, computer.

2, exhibit a hire
1. Exhibit a cent to be standard and clean ground two kinds. Exhibition period exhibits a hire to be as follows:
Business category
Rate level exhibits a cost 9 ㎡ (contain 9 ㎡ above) clean ground exhibits a cost 27 ㎡ (contain 27 ㎡ above)

Domestic company 1100 yuan / ㎡ 1000 yuan / ㎡
Domestic joint ventures 1810 yuan / ㎡ 1710 yuan / ㎡
Enterprise of domestic foreign capital 2450 yuan / ㎡ 2150 yuan / ㎡

2. The smallest standard exhibits a 9 ㎡, the least clean ground exhibits a 27 ㎡, the standard that reject a complaint is less than 9 ㎡ is exhibited. Every 9 ㎡ (3mx3m) exhibit for a standard, every standard is exhibited include site, 3 are exhibited board, two a carpet, desk asking ask, campstool, 2 shoot submit a written statement to a higher authority of electrical outlet of single-phase power source of a the lamp, 5A500W, lintel board to keep the Chinese and English name that exhibits a date and ginseng to exhibit an unit.
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