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Equipment of production technology of industry of science and technology of nati
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Dynamical drive and control technology exhibit an area:
Transmission; Electric machinery, electrical micro-machine and small special device of timing of electric machinery, electric machinery, decrease (tone) catenary of; of device of mechanical drive of fast machine; , electromagnetism drive, air drive, fluid drive, inductance gearing, belt device of gearing, positive drive; Component of bearing, steering gear, clutch, brake, lubricant device, damping; The fluid controls a technology: Flowmeter, valve, pump kind reach its relevant product; Pneumatic: Compressor of system of whole set of component of processing of source of executive component of a powerful person of air cylinder, gas, pneumatic, control component, gas, back-up component, pipe fitting, pneumatic, air and compress, harbour presses a technology; Hydraulic: Hydraulic changes distance, stream press blender, fluid to stick gearing to wait; Weather strip: Balata weather strip, technology weather strip, black lead oil seal of sealed, framework rotates the; air such as close annulus of apian device, approach, O circle, sealed material compressor: Guan alarm neon of helmet of be good at ⒗ of  of  of be good at ⒒ of  of deficient of be good at ⒁ of ㄊ of pool of be good at ⒐ of encouraging  of be good at ⒒ word of  of be good at ⑼ falls  of palm of ⒖ of enough  of clear of besmear of pull out of lowing ⑽ of caries  apricot considers  of palm of wholesale  ⒖ a bit  of nobeliun  ⒐ is like Jian: Internal-combustion engine uses spare parts and a replacement. Much fuel engine, rotate the piston engine, other engine that use oil, fittings of drive of; of internal-combustion engine component: Shaft coupling and clutch, brake and brake system, leather belt and catenary board the other transmission such as transmission, sliding bearing.


The standard exhibits an A area
B area
A area
Area of C area B

Churchyard enterprise
RMB6800 yuan / exhibit
RMB5800 yuan / exhibit
Churchyard enterprise
RMB700 yuan / M²
RMB600 yuan / M²

Course of study of condition foreign enterprise
1000 dollars / exhibit
900 dollars / exhibit
Course of study of condition foreign enterprise
100 dollars / M²
90 dollars / M²

1, the standard exhibits a 9m²(3m×3m) ; Configuration: Showpiece field, 3 are exhibited board (2.5m is tall) , lintel card is made, one piece negotiates electrical outlet of power source of 2 desk, chairs, 220V, shoot the light 2 times. Ginseng if choose double mouth to exhibit,postpone a business add 20% exhibit an expense.
2, smooth ground (hire since 36 M² ) ; Configuration: Showpiece insurance of service of field, security personnel, public liability, without any establishment.

[ginseng exhibit sign up]

A ginseng exhibits an unit should referring ginseng extend application form (contract book) receive an organizing committee to pay pay inside announcement a week exhibit a cost 50% make subscription, fax remittance proof please after remittance to the organizing committee, more than paid before April 30, 2008. Exhibit allocate a principle: Reach remittance in order to sign up to be early or late accurate, to assure exhibition whole figure, organizing committee reservation and ginseng extend the right that the unit talks things over and adjusts the position that exhibit a stage finally.
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