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Equipment of production technology of industry of science and technology of nati
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Appearance of industrial control, instrument, metric test exhibits an area:
Transducer, hand in dc timing and; of servo control system device of electric drive, harmonic drive, numerical control and systematic; sensor, converter, change send implement, connector, relay and relevant PC of yuan of industry of; of parts of an apparatus and PC-BASED; PLC and relevant technology, data collects a system soft / hardware; Switch and electric equipment of industry of high low pressure of technology of bus line of spot of feeling screen; and appearance of instrument of product; automation and systematic;DCS, FCS and; of process control system, labour accuse; of cable of power source, wire monitoring of metric test, environment

Accurate treatment machinery and pattern of machine tool industry exhibit an area:
Treatment of instrument, report reachs forming machine of metal of machine tool of cutting of numerical control metal, numerical control non-traditional machining; Machinery of machine tool of other metal cutting, v; All sorts of project whole set reach special production device to wait; The robot reachs automation product; All sorts of product development reach network of application software, production technology, accept rice processing technique, technology of high speed cutting, compound processing technique, intelligence changes production technology, the; such as green production technology all sorts of metallic cutting tools, cutting tool, measure and metallic stuff; The machine tool is new-style form a complete set, machine tool yuan component, accessory and auxiliary equipment; Standard component of of all kinds mould, mould, mould makes technology and equipment; Technology of the CAD of the mould, CAE, CAM, the computer soft, hardware.

Nondestructive detects, manage changes examine, material test exhibits an area:
Nondestructive detects equipment, supersonic detector, sound emissive detector, ray detector, magnetic particle detector, conduit crawls implement, magnetism backset detector, permeate check meter, divulge check meter, divulge detect, machine of series of TV of emissive equipment, industry and CT density appearance, sclerometer, thickness gauge, endoscope, infra-red flaw-detecting apparatus, flaw detection, . Manage turns test equipment: Microscope of image analysis processing system, metallographic, sizing device, environment measures photograph of bougie of instrument, metric instrument, electron, electron microscope, gold phasor to analyse system, metallographic to make appearance equipment. Material experiment technology and equipment: The electron is experiment machine, electro-hydraulic the; environment such as machine of test of machine of experiment of type of machine of experiment of machine of servo experiment machine, universal test machine, pull test machine, dynamic fatigue experiment, turn round testing machine, bedspring, concussion, dynamic balancing machine, hardness and system experimental case equipment: Chamber of chamber of constant temperature damp and hot, high low temperature, high low temperature hands in wet temperature and humidity of chamber of sulfur of box of chamber of constant temperature of box of hot chamber, mould test, high temperature, sand and dust test, 2 oxidation, oscillatory, concussion is integrated chamber and large oven
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