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Equipment of production technology of industry of science and technology of nati
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Major popularizes a ministry: Join to give exhibit an enterprise to bring more actual effect, while the organizing committee is inviting ginseng of war industry unit to meet, use the database with numerous organization huge unit, communicate through the phone, send invitation letter of invitation, visiting certificate, and the mailing address with newest basis, release congress and relevant activity information through the email go out; Face travelling merchant to publicize promotion directly on countrywide concerned exhibition, invite an user to attend the meeting negotiate, purchase.
What exhibit ” to join the product that exhibits business for better outstanding “ war industry is professional, congress and numerous and professional magazine, professional website establishs cooperative relationship, much flank, much angle, nonsked publicize “ war industry to exhibit ” energetically, increase congress force. Having becominging provincial city while propagandist promotion, audience is organized, outstanding increase this locality media to publicize strength
Focusing cause client
1, industry of national defence science and technology and relevant government management department
2, institution of war industry enterprise and legionary purchase department / be stationed in delegate of each district army
3, spin appearance of electron of metallurgy, mechanical, electric power, instrument, the sources of energy, oil, chemical industry, gently, the trade unit such as water treatment of medical treatment pharmacy, environmental protection.
4, division of organization of place of courtyard of universities and colleges, scientific research, society, company assist, other trade unit.
5, foreign project butt joint is purchased, foreign trade is round; 6, each province, municipal government seeks project butt joint to reveal form a delegation

[ginseng extend range]

Amphibious technology and war industry electron exhibit the army and the people area:
Army turn civilian technology and product, system of communication information, electron information, system of professional and wireless communication, product of safety of computer information system, embedded system, direct and control system, for military use and civil electron yuan parts of an apparatus (include the special industry electron such as aviation, spaceflight, nautical, shipping yuan parts of an apparatus) , for military use reachs civil power supply, all sorts of for military use reach civil radar system, equipment of millimeter wave communication, the electron checks, microwave parts of an apparatus, satellitic remote sensing, electronic imitate, relevant instrument reachs test equipment, sensor, , GPS communication and navigation product, labour controls a product, PLC, electromagnetism is compatible test technology and equipment, smooth Electromechanical unifinication, new material, new energy resources, energy-saving product, fire controls a system, inspect scene system, multimedia shows equipment, spare parts of fittings of equipment of special purpose vehicle, special type, car, high-tech logistics goods and materials, technology of industry of convention of new and high technical reformation and product.
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