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Equipment of production technology of industry of science and technology of nati
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3.Authentic computation technology and TEMPEST technology
4. is measured automatically control technology and the newest development of advanced production technology in war industry industry dynamic
5.The information safety of government affairs of the electron in war industry industry and confidential
6.Existing state of affairs of control of industry of business of industry of national defence science and technology and government is analysed
7.The development trend of industry informatization and industrial automation
8.War industry manufacturing industry digitlizes the newest and overall train of thought of the project

Would ask an expert
1, chief engineer of group of Chinese spaceflight science and technology, 15 ” of national ” are great science and technology tackles key problem project of informatization of plan ” manufacturing industry is overall group group leader, 863 plans are contemporary and compositive Yang Haicheng of group leader of group of expert of systematic technology theme
2, manufacturing industry informatization builds senior expert, the university that be the same as aid teachs Zhang Shu
3, national defence division is versed in appoint group leader of mechanical production expert, the member that expert of construction of 863 plans informatization comprises the nation, liu of prexy of automation of Beijing aerospace university is strong
4, national defence division is versed in appoint the member that expert of manufacturing industry informatization is comprised. Arms industry 210 institutes are senior Tian Yuhua of group leader of group of researcher.CIMS expert

The autograph arranges a ceremony: Congress organizing committee is declared according to planning to sign those who brief an unit, arrangement organizes volume be the lucky number to restrict an activity.
[propagandist promotion, audience is organized]
On the foundation of existing audience source, adopt all-around propagandist strategy; Concern the orgnaization inside government sector, course of study jointly, sponsor unit and media of industry main trend and local mainstream media to undertake business organizes the work propagandist popularize and be purchasinged. (congress website:
Official conduct propaganda: Branch of subordinate of concerned branch organization belongs to the media such as website and newspaper, magazine to release “ war industry to exhibit ” information in place, invite place to belong to enterprise or business unit purchase department is decision-making personnel of personnel, senior engineer, technology attends a meeting; Invite congress special subject to exhibit the expert related to activity of the corresponding period, the scholar attends a meeting. Round spot of the project butt joint that organizes abroad, foreign trade is purchased, negotiate.
Hold orgnaization conduct propaganda: Sponsor an unit, assist do unit, support unit to invite war industry syndicate, extensively enterprise or business the general manager of the unit, factory director, motivation, equipment and purchase wait for sectional chief spot communication, purchase. Press has on national level media, conduct propaganda.
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