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Exposition of industry of 2008 China International - numerical control machine t
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Undertake unit:
Shanghai world rich (group) limited company
Han Nuowei international shows limited company
Han Nuowei is exhibited (Shanghai) limited company

Undertake jointly unit:
Head office of Chinese machine tool
Chinese car project learns
Consortium of a person of same business of Taiwan machine industry

Exhibit date: On November 4 - 8 days
Show an area: 40000 square metre
Show a location: Shanghai new international reads extensively center (Pudong dragon Yang Lu 2345)

Cooperative country exhibits a group

Support media:
" Chinese industry signs up for " , " Electromechanical business signs up for " , " mechanical worker (cold working) " , " contemporary component " , " v equipment and production technology " , " monograph of Taiwan machinery film " , " international machinist

Numerical control machine tool and metallic treatment exhibit general situation
Come a few years the rapid development as our country economy, the equipment industry of our country also obtains rapid development. Hua Dong area more already became our country to the mainest equipment is made and consume base, domestic and international top-ranking machine tool manufacturer gathers hereat; The machine tool sales volume with Hua Dong annual area occupies ” of “ half of country, also be worldwide inside the machine tool market that has energy most. Chinese “ makes clear the horizontal ” that points out “ promotes ” of industrial technology level and “ to raise part of equipment of numerical control of large, nicety, high speed and numerical control system and function with own innovation in 915 ” program, in future the machine tool industry that “ machine tools regards as ” inside 5 years returns will further forward progress to promote. Below such background, machine tool of numerical control of exposition of China International industry and metallic treatment are exhibited (MWCS) it is important to become a of bound of machine tool tool undoubtedly reveal internationally, trade, the platform of communication.
Machine tool of numerical control of exposition of industry of 2007 China International and metallic treatment are exhibited (MWCS2007) exhibition area is achieved 35 thousand smooth rice, mutual include Taiwan of Hong Kong of China, Germany, United States, Japan, Korea, England, Russia, India, Australia, Switzerland, China, China inside the ginseng of many 450 enterprise of 12 countries and area is exhibited. Exhibit in all the machine tool is overall many 260, include machine tool of of all kinds machining center, of all kinds lathe, of all kinds grinder, heavy-duty machine tool, non-traditional machine tool, special machine tool, v to wait; Except the machine tool overall beyond still exhibit system of component of machine tool function, of all kinds cutting tool, numerical control, oil is tasted, the product such as machine tool accessory. Each ginseng postpones a business all will current exhibit can regard an enterprise as promotion figure, get acquainted with the client, main platform that is the same as an athletics. They roll out the product of their core product or new research and development in MWCS2007, a lot of products have international to one running water is made the same score and be exhibited in domestic and international machine tool for the first time appear in the meeting. Shenyang machine tool, neat the well-known company such as 2 machine tools, Shanghai machine tool, AMADA, TRUMPF with 500 even 1000 of smooth rice super- exhibit a stage to appear greatly exhibit meeting; Wuhan weighs numerical control, Qin Chuan machine tool of heavy-duty, Guilin, together industry of machine of essence of machine tool, Taichun, oily machine, 100 exceed machine of essence of life, Zhejiang triumphant amount to wait for an enterprise to exhibit stage area to also be in 200 smooth rice above.
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