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2008 Changzhou are dozenth an international machine tool, mould and rubber-plast
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· organizing committee will be sent before October 15, 2008 (join the manual that postpone business) inform ginseng exhibit business to be carried about item on display, the item such as accommodation timeline.
Ginseng exhibit expense
□ 3m×3m standard is exhibited
Domestic company 5000 yuan of RMBs / foreign enterprise 2000 dollars /
Note: Postpone an installation: 3 boarding, enterprise (company) name lintel board, two chair one desk, shoot the light two, electrical outlet of 5A/220V power source, paper basket, daily exhibit keep clean.
□ clean ground: Hire since 36 square metre
Domestic company: 500 yuan / enterprise of square metre abroad: 200 dollars / square metre
Note: Clean ground does not contain any exhibiting to have establishment, exhibit a stage to need to be designed by oneself, build, if need to cooperate to design and be built, need to apply for ahead of schedule, negotiate.
□ invites the organization professional personage to hold technical chair at the appointed time, industry forum, if news is released, new product recommends the lamp, hope to apply for ahead of schedule, the price: 3000 yuan / .

Note: Offer 200 people assembly room and constituent audience, provide drinking water
Contact information contact: Young lady of the Song Dynasty, Miss Cao
Company name: Changzhou is gotten show service limited company more
Contact an address: Area of new north of Changzhou of · of Chinese · Jiangsu is new and high garden of science and technology 5 buildings C
Secure a phone: 0519-85109353 85119907
Fax: 0519-85108175
Mobile telephone:

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