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2008 Changzhou are dozenth an international machine tool, mould and rubber-plast
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· detects with measure system of equipment, numerical control and FMS flexible treatment system;
Technology of · heat treatment and equipment, surface processes equipment of aggrandizement polish technology and data;
· of all kinds mould: Model of plastic pattern, cold die, v, die-casting model, glass model, metallurgy model;
· makes auxiliary device: Polisher, card (clip) , fixed position and lock decide all sorts of device, measuring instruments implement (watch) , cleaning machine of agent of oil of cutting tool, abrasive, cutting, lube, drawing of patterns, ultrasonic;
Makings of base of fittings of · of all kinds mould, mould, material, standard component, accessory, model, model;
Electric equipment of · of all kinds machine tool reachs his equipment of relevant form a complete set. Machine of compressor of of all kinds air, decelerate.
· hardware tool: Dynamoelectric, hand is moved, tool of pneumatic, pneumatic, hydraulic pressure, explosion proof; Cutting tool, measure measures appearance, fittings to wait.
Rubber-plastic machinery and equipment:
Plastic inject shapes manufacturing technology and equipment: All sorts of vertical, horizontal is injection machinery, plastic press a manufacturing technology and facility: Silk of profile of material of plastic and epispastic plank, canal, different, sheet, compound glue, garden, flat silk, mix refine, build bead to wait for manufacturing facilities. Plastic and hollow shape manufacturing facilities: Plastic crowded piece shape blow drawing of model, inject to blow model hollow shape wait for manufacturing technology and equipment and plastic package machine to make brush machine, offset press, silk to imprint machine, bronzing machine, hot transfer interpreter.  

· plastic products reachs raw material:
Plastic product is plastic building materials, conduit, industrial canal, chamfer, board, steam rub all sorts of all sorts of new material of things of Mu Lin of fittings, farming fishing, environmental protection, heat preservation, plastic tire, balata material, project is plastic, lubricious mother bead.

Ginseng extend a program

· exhibits an arrangement to press: “ signs up first, the prepaid money, principle that arranges ” first undertakes, manufacturer signing up did not pay by formulary time, the organizing committee will inspect his to cancel automatically to join exhibit application, place is exhibited surely do not grant to withhold. The organizing committee withholds a few exhibiting finally adjust advantageous position.
If · already exhibited business and organizing committee certainly, sign arrange a contract. The beard that postpone business will be joined inside a week exhibit charge entire section 50% collect congress to assign account, pay the bank bottom sheet is faxed to the organizing committee, exhibit a reservation in order to decide, more than all before October 20, 2008 remit.
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