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2008 Changzhou are dozenth an international machine tool, mould and rubber-plast
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Exhibit meeting name: 2008 Changzhou are dozenth an international machine tool, mould and rubber-plastic industrial exhibition
Run a country: Chinese mainland
Ginseng extend date: On November 5, 2008 - on November 7, 2008
Sign up end: On October 5, 2008
Ginseng exhibit the ground (the) that exhibit a house: Market of Changzhou manpower resource
Approve an unit:
Sponsor an unit: Jiangsu saves mould industry association
Undertake unit: Changzhou is gotten show service limited company more
Changzhou amounts to an exhibition newly the service is limited fair
Support assist run an unit: Government of Changzhou city people
Commission of trade of Changzhou city economy
Shanghai mould guild
Net of business of Chinese machine tool
Net of tool of Chinese machine tool

Detailed information foreword
Changzhou is our country medium and small businesses collects the ground, economy developeds, the product is numerous, it is our country light industrial of the product important produce a division. Only the 3 businesses that city produces plastic product have Changzhou tens of thousands of, brook town, temple bridge town, Luoyang town makes the burgeoning and contemporary industrial district of plug-in unit of original of manufacturing autocycle, lamps and lanterns, electron, electron, injector, still formed the mould that with crying feng4huang2 town is a center to make a division. Changzhou equipment manufacturing industry accelerates Electromechanical unifinication construction, form industrial group, outspread industry catenary, make domestic electron, steam rub match component to produce base, make home's principal whole set of equipment, the manufacturing base of accurate machinery and project machine product.
To get used to need of this one situation, promote the research and development of manufacturing industry ability and integral standard, of stimulative high-tech and Electromechanical manufacturing industry interact and affect, the Changzhou machine tool that by Jiangsu association of province mould industry sponsors, mould and rubber-plastic industrial exhibition holds 11 successfully already, exhibit can serve with ” aggrandizement, pay attention to actual effect “ do exhibit a tenet, extend the market, make a subject bright, clinch a deal active brand is exhibited meeting.
Dozenth a Changzhou international machine tool, mould and rubber-plastic industrial exhibition is cordial welcome you join in!

Show range

· of all kinds machine tool and mould machine equipment: Mill of machine of cut of machine tool of machining center, electric spark treatment, numerical control machine tool, line, engraving tool, machine combining a model, coordinate grinds cutting of machine, metal machine tool of the machine tool, milling machine, boring machine, grinder, drilling machine, sawing machine, machine that fold a turn, plane shear, punch, forging press, oil pressure;
Design of · of all kinds mould, make, technology of auxiliary processing technique and equipment, CAD/CAM/CAE;
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