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Exhibition of equipment of industry of hill of 2008 Zhejiang desolate
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6: Current exhibition plans advertisement to publicize measureA: Does  discharge ひ ascend  breed √ to sweet wine   ? B: Does ㄒ Dao Yaokuang bask in box Yun  ? C: Must easy ㄒ of  waiting till teach? D: Provide dinner for rancorring ⒑ of  of Dong of rostellum box  is displayed? E: Merchant Qiao of Hua of glare of branny breed of  of Zu Jie horn? F:  of Zhang of Yue of Suo of cheek of Ъ of artisan of barium of cough of if of drop orangutan thing full front of a Chinese gown? G: ? of an official document or note of  of villous themeda of ∷ ⑽ fleeing Pi; of 50 thousand entrance ticketH: Merchant does Qia condyle human skeleton teach?

7, collaboration, innovation, future, achieve in all win pattern more
Cooperate: We are inspected join the partner that exhibits business, visiting business to be him career, the station ponders over a problem on their angle, stand together regardless of situation, collective advance and retreat.
Innovate: We inspect innovation to be second birth, with ginseng exhibit business, visiting business to be together on the idea, innovate ceaselessly on the technology, guide industry trend.
Future: Our target is to let join those who exhibit business, visiting business and us to make prospective market together to win the home, have bright future.

8, quote of proceedings of a conferences and all alone of equipment of congress English data
------Greeting incoming telegram will case hang down ask! ! !

Congress will weave elegant proceedings of a conferences, publish business information to be distributed buy the home to offer connection, order goods with. Ginseng exhibit an unit to all can publish 200 words enterprise or product brief introduction freely. Proceedings of a conferences is special layout (paid service) publish as follows;

Advertisement carrier charge (RMB)
Advertisement carrier
Charge (RMB)

Back cover

Inside front cover
Inside back cover

Title page
Color / black and white inside page

Do extend a concept------Effectual exhibition, ability is good exhibition! ! ! !

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