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2008 China (Fujian) international machine tool and industry pattern exhibition
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Forging press bed: The machine of mechanical compressor, oil pressure, die casting machine, machine that fold a turn, plane shear, forging press;
Machine tool accessory: Form a complete set of etc of system of tool of built up fixture, machine tool, numerical control wait.  
Mould kind: Of all kinds mould: Punch model, push rod, hot flow path, fixed position sells component of lock, stretch component, oriented mechanical pneumatic to wait; Mould standard component: Mould bases, push rod, hot flow path, fixed position sells component of lock, stretch component, oriented mechanical pneumatic to wait; The mould shapes set equipment and plant: Equipment of engraving tool, polisher, machine combining a model, fast forming machine, plastic device, heat treatment, knife (blade) , card (clip) , measuring instrument implement, grind agent of model of fluid of an abrasive, cut, lube, glue to wait.
Material of of all kinds mould;
Plastic and mechanical equipment: Stand (lie) the type inject machine, plastic the machine that blow bottle, plastic extruder, machine that note model, vacuum model machine, machine that blow model, establish brushs machine, automatic high speed to suck model machine, laser to hit sign chance, ultrasonic plastic solder machine, frit receives machine, cleaning machine to wait; Rubber-plastic and mechanical auxiliary equipment and fittings.

Constituent audience

Mail directly: To guild of countrywide each district trafficker of organization, each district, agent waits issue 200 thousand visiting certificate.
Email: Major designs elegant electronic invitation, use sponsor an orgnaization from some giant databases, person specially assigned for a task or job is responsible and regular to international home guild organization, trafficker, agent, international purchases the broad and relevant user such as business to be given out nearly 500 thousand times invite.
Propagandist promotion: Exhibit the news of the meeting and advertisement through be being published on each media, make an audience can seasonable understanding extends business and case of item on display, attract more professional audiences to attend a meeting look around negotiate, purchase order goods.
Commerce conjugate: In ginseng exhibit business to be fulfilled ginseng after exhibiting application procedure, can submit list of commerce conjugate intent to the organizing committee, the organizing committee will have those who solicit pair of sexes to offer domestic and international major to purchase the commerce conjugate of business and supplier project butt joint to serve, rise ginseng exhibit an enterprise to be in exhibit meeting site trade to negotiate machine rate.
Excellent service: For foreign major the audience provides visa data, for domestic and international professional audience era orders return ticket, guesthouse (conference price) , give proceedings of a conferences of professional audience congress, souvenir, offer those who exhibit respect of food and drink of transportation of business and circumstance of item on display, travel to seek advice from a service for professional audience.
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