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2008 China (Fujian) international machine tool and industry pattern exhibition
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2, propagandist advantage:
◆ press conference: The organizing committee will hold a press conference in appropriate time, would ask TV station of Metropolis Daily of gazette of wall bulletin of Fujian daily, Fuzhou daily, southeast, channel, channel, Fujian to wait for news media to undertake covering a report. Nonsked put in in afore-mentioned media exhibit meeting advertisement.
Media of ◆ professional magazine, public: The organizing committee will be established technically exhibit meeting ad department, come from May 2008 by the plan exhibit meeting end to be in " mould project " , " mould machinery industry " , " machining and machine tool " , " market conditions of international machinery industry " , " the mould is made " , " machinery is made with the design " , " greatly China, the made industry brand that makes person of the alien inside course of study all know is exhibited meeting.
◆ network popularizes: The professional website such as testing instrument builds website of machinery of net of net of net of plastic mould of mechanically-laid web of net of net of business of Chinese machine tool, tool of Chinese machine tool, China, China Shang Hu mechanically-laid web, China, round-the-world machine tool, Chinese machine tool, international, QC exhibit meeting homepage. Have a link with domestic and international professional website, release in the round in the industry website that has bigger effect domestic and internationally at the same time exhibit meeting information and advertisement.
3, invite mainly purchase industry client group: With client of “ base oneself upon, professional service ” is a concept, efficient had made the two-way service that extends business and audience. The bldg. of this province and circumjacent province city / estate / construction engineering company / the president of steely product / general manager / purchase department manager / CTO / selling manager / sale is in charge of / acting agency / demand business / trafficker / relevant designing institute / the professional personage such as the institute comes round to look around. Congress will invite a car to make appearance of enterprise, pattern company, instrument make component of enterprise, car make manufacturing industry of enterprise, toy, building materials make enterprise, bicycle make enterprise, plastic enterprise, professional metal machine products of company of enterprise, mechanical imports and exports, hardware to make mainly enterprise, light industrial product manufacturing industry, .

Program arrangement

Cloth extends time: November 2008 11 ~ 12 days of congress kick off: On November 13, 2008 9: 00
Showpiece time: 13 ~ removed 15 days in November 2008 extend time: On November 15, 2008 14: 00

Nod showpiece

Fuzhou international exhibition center (road of park of hot spring of Fujian Province the Fuzhou City 69)

Limits of item on display

Machine tool kind: Machine tool of cut of forming machine of machine tool of metallic treatment machine tool, machining center, numerical control, lathe, milling machine, sawing machine, drilling machine, engraving tool, grinder, punching machine, boring machine, threading machine, electric spark, line;
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