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2008 China (Fujian) international machine tool and industry pattern exhibition
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Development of Fujian manufacturing industry is swift and violent, the demand that develops to machining, mould grows day and day, market prospect is capacious. 7 years implementation gross value of industrial output exceeds 1.42 trillion yuan, grow 20% ; Industrial stress enrols business project 78, total investment makes an appointment with 65.2 billion yuan. The Fujian Province is active triangle of butt joint bead, long triangle and carry on Taiwan region manufacturing industry, accelerate introduce the industry such as Taiwan electron information, machinery. Sufficient play uses existing electron, make the dominant industry such as the machinery that give priority to, spin with car and fittings drive effect, exert oneself builds base of manufacturing industry of base of Information Industry of national level electron, mechanical equipment. 2010 electronic information, make the machinery that give priority to, spin with car and fittings production value of group of industry of 3 big pillar amounts to 130 billion yuan respectively, 100 billion yuan mix 50 billion yuan, production value of property of 3 big pillar occupies the 65% above of dimensions above gross value of industrial output.
Develop a standard to improve industrial economy, promote information, petrifaction, machinery industry of 3 big pillar, breed traditional industry new dominant position, make channel Xi Anxian enter manufacturing industry base. Open to the outside world to carry out the construction that fulfils government of Fujian provincial Party committee, province to put forward, the channel of harmonious development, comprehensive prosperity on the west the strategic conception of bank economy area, economy of industry of farther stimulative Fujian Province grows, show equipment manufacturing industry newest achievement and the main platform that exchange up to date information. Hereby, we will on September 26, 2008 —28 day holds “2008 China International in Fuzhou international exhibition center (Fujian) ” of industrial equipment exposition this second exhibit meeting general to give priority to a problem with “ science and technology, environmental protection, energy-saving, efficient ” , the communication negotiation platform that builds to have actual effect quite for domestic and international enterprise.
Organization of trade of each district of true-blue welcome world attends a meeting visiting ginseng is exhibited!

2, the characteristic of exhibition:
1, area advantage:
The Fujian Province will undertake the Taiwan businessman develops industrial garden area to create pilot job actively, encourage Taiwan businessman proper motion to invest development, enrol business by oneself, make a stand with the stage, industry of stimulative Taiwan advantage is transferred to Fujian. The Fujian Province will be mixed according to the characteristic of Taiwan industry move trend, plan equalize approves the capital attraction project of butt joint of Fujian stage industry, specific aim ground carries on the industry moves outside Taiwan. In the meantime, guide of all kinds inside endowment enterprise to it cooperation of form a complete set, improve the environment of industrial form a complete set that the Taiwan businessman invests, the conduction that promotes stage endowment enterprise to save industrial structural adjustment to me, drive effect; Guide project of butt joint of of all kinds industry to invest area of area, garden of new and high technology, software park to wait for assemble of area of of all kinds garden to national level and provincial developing zone, Taiwan businessman.
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