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Machine tool of international of exposition of manufacturing industry of equipm
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System of ◆ numerical control, number shows device and machine tool electric equipment

Component of ◆ machine tool, form a complete set reach auxiliary equipment

◆ abrasive is ground, clamping apparatus of cutting tool, labour and relevant product

◆ examines and measure equipment

■ ginseng exhibit expense:

◆ home postpones business:

A area: Mark exhibits: RMB9000 yuan / ; Completely: RMB930 yuan / ㎡.

B area: Mark exhibits: RMB8500 yuan / ; Completely: RMB880 yuan / ㎡.

◆ international postpones business: USD2000 / .

Note 1: The standard is exhibited for 3m×3m, deploy: White boarding, one desk, 2 chair, 2 lamps, Chinese and English lintel board, exhibit a stage to bespread carpet, socket needs to be hired additionally.

Note 2: Ground of the headroom inside the house is hired since 36 ㎡, nonstandard exhibit do not take any establishment, by ginseng exhibit unit proper motion or entrust a design, decorate.

Note 3: Exhibit what can offer is free reach appreciation service to include: Brief introduction of 300 handwritings company logins on proceedings of a conferences, propagandist report exhibits meeting and directional organization audience, join card of the bosom that postpone business, the standard exhibits a stage to build (clean ground except) , exhibit a cleanness to reach guard, offer proceedings of a conferences two, offer exhibition report and audience concentration list.

Note 4: Relevant and paid proceedings of a conferences and outdoors advertisement can seek advice from an organizing committee or consult " ginseng exhibit manual " .

■ paid service:

◆ advertisement is publicized (advertisement of inside and outside of proceedings of a conferences, entrance ticket, exhibition hall) the arrangement that ◆ technology communicates news briefing of meeting, product and organization

◆ is additional exhibit, dynamical cable and sound are carried like item on display of equipment hire ◆ reach item on display to be put into the house

Data of ◆ conduct propaganda pressworks, figure plan, special install those who postpone an installation outside building ◆ other specified number to rent those who reach additional service to offer

The ◆ such as ◆ spot meal, communication, duplicate, interpreter books the service such as airline ticket, train ticket, accommodation, travel
Contact information contact: Sun Liyan
Company name: Guangdong can exhibit promotion limited company
Contact an address: Era of mark of 168-170 of road of distant view of Guangzhou of · of Chinese · Guangdong collects B newly 812 rooms
Postcode: 510403
Secure a phone: 86-20-61198852 61198894
Fax: 86-20-61198841
Mobile telephone: 13437829419

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