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Machine tool of international of exposition of manufacturing industry of equipm
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■ advantage resource general mobilization, stereo conduct propaganda popularizes the ginseng that enlarges you to exhibit investment redound to exhibit meeting general to sell kind with integrated battalion, natural resources of active harmonious society (cooperate outside orgnaization of organization of scholar of manufacturing business, trafficker, agency, media, expert, public figure, trade, government, condition square) with the organization square resource (experience of manpower, financial capacity and old and professional organization, plan) , in order to establish the propagandist strategy of form of characters or letters, emphasize draw the businessman, attention that purchases business and medium, promotion is exhibited the consequence of the meeting and participate in the effect.

■ high quality audience comes together in crowds, organizing committee of contact of the high grade close quarters that buy the home will carry magazine, newspaper, Internet, TV, short message group straight mail of hair, advertisement, phone mail, exhibit meeting dispatch and phone to communicate wait for a way, can undertake to exhibiting all-around propagandist promotion, force invites car, metal treatment, mechanical, steely, home appliance, electron, IT, shipbuilding, war industry, metallurgy, petrifaction, toy, gift, furniture, presswork wait for production industry and domain major personage and buy the home to attend a meeting look around, purchase, predict the audience that comes from world each district will exceed 40 thousand person-time.

■ card of item on display of all previous and main ginseng: Ha Ting, Ha Si, Xia Mier, dust machine tool of mark, sanded Dick, Shenyang, Dalian machine tool, Gelisen, RSF, hair is gram of that division, campstool, general, Ximen.

■ limits of item on display:

Machine tool of ◆ metal cutting: Machine tool of the metallic machining center, milling machine, lathe, boring machine, sawing machine, slotting machine, broaching machine, planer, treatment that make a tooth-like part of anything, modular machine tool and assorted component, machining center and shunt-wound machine tool, auger cut and tapper bed, production unit / system and automation equipment, ;

Machine tool of ◆ metal figuration: Machine tool of cut of metallic thin plate and machining center, board makings, thin plate, profile is cut change machine tool, board material / laminose / tubal makings press coming back, plank / good stuff folds material of curved machine, canal to break forming machine of curved forming machine, straightening machine, wire, forging machine, punching machine, punch, ;

◆ non-traditional machine tool: Fast and equipment of cut of jet of equipment of equipment of electric spark processing, cut of electric spark line, electrochemistry treatment facilities, blaze cut equipment, plasma cut equipment, water, archetypal production equipment, make forming machine of mark and quarter model machine, finishing and Tu Fu equipment, vacuum;
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