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2009 Zhejiang luck installs mechanical equipment exhibition
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Assist run cost: Publicize company image to expand further, rise famous degree, this second congress plans to set assist do project in order to to support development class to have class A 50 thousand, B class 30 thousand, C class 20 thousand 3 class, the organizing committee is assist do unit home to publicize promotion, establish image, intended assist the company that runs assistance is other affirmatory assist do an unit to compensate detailed rules.

6: Stool ┌ just?
1: Pursue a staff member 8 people;
2: Project flutter always carries out Li Jun; Assistant: Li Yang, Wen Hui; Working group member: Feng Ling; of Sun Wei, Wen Li, Li Hao, commonplace

7: Current exhibition plans advertisement to publicize measureA: Does  discharge ひ ascend  breed √ to sweet wine   ? B: Does ㄒ Dao Yaokuang bask in box Yun  ? C: Must alarm  easy ㄒ teach? D: Provide dinner for rancorring ⒑ of  of Dong of rostellum box  is displayed? E: Annulus Qiao of Hua of glare of branny breed of Fu star  ? F:  of Zhang of Yue of Suo of cheek of Ъ of artisan of barium of cough of if of drop orangutan thing full front of a Chinese gown? G: ? of an official document or note of  of villous themeda of Pi of ∷ ⑹  ; of 600 thousand entrance ticketH: Annulus does Qia condyle human skeleton teach?

8. Each phase basically implements job plan;
1; Establish the personnel obligation with particular working group;
2; The color that make invites contain, fax;
3; Establish all circles paragraph must the task
4; Fixed Zhou Yishao opens the week with this specific week to plan the meeting, the inadequacy in job of Zhou San summary and improve a method, the working plan that Zhou Wuzhou sums up a plan next week and executive plan,
1; Do accurate estimation to the exact scope of whole project
2; Make plan additionally to well-known big company, affirmatory big company attends a meeting ginseng exhibition
3; Decide cooperative media
4; Release the information of current exhibition in the round
5; Release public media conduct propaganda, for example " lukewarm city Metropolis Daily " wait

1; Entrance ticket is distributed in main market
2; Advertisement of paint of the spray outside affirmatory exhibition fulfil an enterprise
3; Repeat the advertisement that releases exhibition in the public media such as the newspaper of this locality
4; Preliminary arrange current ginseng to exhibit industry data, check content of proceedings of a conferences
5; Repeat the entrance ticket that issues exhibition in the market, enlarge the person flow that the exhibition sees
6; Mail entrance ticket gives relevant production the company
7; Repeat what build to the company to purchase announcement of database handler short message to begin time

Current exhibit meeting purpose: Make the exhibition that has actual effect most; Because market demand is very big.
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