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2009 Zhejiang luck installs mechanical equipment exhibition
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3: Propagandist promotion
" international mould production market conditions " , " production technology and machine tool " , " machinery and metal " , " market conditions of international machinery industry " , " mould industry " , " the mould is made " , " Asia-Pacific is plastic industrial journal " , " mould project "
4: Show range

The metal machines a machine tool: Car, mill, grind, boring, curium, auger wait for machine tool and fittings.
Machine a machine tool: Machine tool of machine of cut of machining center, electric spark, line, numerical control, engraving tool, machine combining a model, repair machine, oil pressure machine, laser beam welding to receive grinder of boring of machine, coordinate, pattern plate to cut machine.
Forming machine bed: Forge bed, punching machine, die casting machine. Mould technology reachs auxiliary plant equipment: Mould CAD/CAM/CAE technology, industry makes bid machine, fixed position and lock up all sorts of a device, measuring instruments implement (express) , agent of oil of abrasive, cutting, lube, drawing of patterns, cutting tool, cutting tool, measure, card (clip) provide, accurate measurement and detector, electron microscope, .
Assist material: Agent of oil of component of makings of copper of mould rolled steel, electrode, hot flow path, cutting, lubricant, drawing of patterns, emery wheel.
Mould kind: Model of plastic pattern, cold die, die-casting, cast model, rubber-plastic model and all sorts of mould standard component, mould bases, pattern plate.

Plastic and mechanical: Stand, horizontal notes model machine, plastic extruder, hollow forming machine, plastic round loom, make machine of bag of machine, cold water, hot transfer interpreter, laser make mark machine, move imprint machine, iron machine of code of gush of golden machine, computer, hydraulic pressure and pneumatic component, motor, pump.

※ purchases a zone
The computer periphery, production company that consumes the industry such as electrical appliance of automation of kind of electron home appliance, industry, car
The component that produces a system is purchased
Company of the relevant OEM of business of domestic large-scale production, ODM

5: Rate

International standard exhibits: 9 square metre (3M*3M) , domestic company 4600 yuan of RMBs / exhibition period, double-faced mouth adds 500 yuan of civilian money; Course of study of condition foreign enterprise 1000 dollars / exhibition period.
Exhibit inside set: 3 are exhibited board, lintel board 1, negotiate desk 1 piece, chair 2, shoot the light 2, 220V electrical outlet. Ginseng exhibit business completely 4 times person give the page inside color of proceedings of a conferences freely one edition.
Solely: Hire since 36 square metre, 500 yuan / M2/ exhibition period

Meeting Wu expends: Every represent 300 yuan, include data of sessional lunch, acting illness that has not attacked the vital organs of the human body, elegant souvenir, conference to wait, at the same time organizing committee to ginseng exhibit business to do sth for sb accommodation, wu of return trip ticket (charge provides for oneself) .
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