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Machine tool of international of the 6th 2009 Jiangsu reachs industry pattern ex
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■ exhibit meeting conduct propaganda
Net, fine is processed in metal of net of mould of net of machine tool of numerical control of net of tool of machine tool of net of business of machine tool of China mechanically-laid web, China, China, China, China, China net of punch of net of gain of net of business affairs of numerical control of labour Electromechanical net, China, industry, China, machine tool fizzles out page net; In Yangtse Evening Post, contemporary wall bulletin, Jin Ling evening paper reachs the public such as broadcasting station, TV station undertake propagandist a report on media.
■ invite buy the home

Wide invite buy the home: The organizing committee prints 300 thousand pieces of visiting certificate, can sponsor an unit through exhibiting, assist run unit, support unit, pass the association inside course of study, society, chamber of commerce, pass conduct propaganda of advertisement of media of professional media, professional website, public, through phone, fax, short message, email, mail, distribute wait for a variety of means, send machining, machinery to make, the mould is made, steam rub reach the industry business such as appearance of fittings, shipping, bicycle, war industry, electron, instrument, communication, spaceflight, aviation, metallurgy, hardware, storage manager, technology, purchase personnel, invite them to attend a meeting look around, negotiate, purchase.
Special invite: Cooperate with area of garden of each district industry and economic developing zone, before constituent business sees a group, will look around, negotiate, trade.
Itinerate conduct propaganda: The congener major that chooses home to have dimensions and effect relatively is exhibited meeting, face professional traveling trader to undertake propagandist popularizing directly, organize professional audience.
Delibrate communication: The professional delibrate that the organizing committee organizes Gao Shuiping and technical communication are met, invite relevant controller to attend a meeting communication looks around exhibit meeting.
■ ginseng exhibit formalities

Ginseng exhibit an unit to fill in in detail please ginseng extend an application form, after sign and building official seal, be faxed or send past group to exhibit an unit. Date of expiration signing up on March 1, 2009.
Ginseng exhibit business to rise from the day that sign up, want place to join inside 5 days exhibit charge to collect to group exhibit an unit to assign an account, reach fax of money order bill group so that check,exhibit an unit.
Group exhibit an unit to press join the money that extends trade to arrive early or late order arrangement is exhibited. Receive ginseng after extending money, open receipt first, be in by receipt exhibit bill is exchanged during the meeting.
4.The ginseng before exhibiting meeting cloth exhibits expense not paid, the organizing committee has authority to cancel or bring its into play to exhibit.

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