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Machine tool of international of the 6th 2009 Jiangsu reachs industry pattern ex
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Cutting tool, measure, tool kind: Head of all sorts of lathe tool, milling cutter, boring cutter, boring, broach, emery wheel, curium piece, thread tool, but dislocation razor blade, abrade cream etc; Measure, measure an instrument to reach 3 coordinate to measure machine; All sorts of dynamoelectric / the hand uses the product of tool form a complete set such as desk of tool and tool ark series, work.
Mould and mould make technology and equipment: The die device such as equipment of cleaning machine of the machine of electric spark machine, silk of don't go yet, line cut machine, machine that make bid, ultrasonic, machine combining a model, laser, fast patternmaking equipment; All sorts of moulds: The model of model of punch model, plastic pattern, die-casting, forging die, pottery and porcelain, model that pull silk, hard alloy model, balata model; Mould material: Plate of mould rolled steel, metal (wire) , the; mould standard component such as makings of copper of Chinese ink of aluminium alloy material, electrode, electrode: 杄 of mould bases, guide pillar, guide-post bushing, top, drift, fastener, bedspring, irrigate a component of the flow path that reach heat to wait. Abrasive is ground, standard component of treatment of mould of mould CAD professional system, of all kinds figuration, mould, structural member; The rapid development system of the product and development serve;

■ exhibit service of a norms, advertisement and expense

Exhibit expense of booth of area category mark
Only place charge

A kind exhibit an area
3m×3m is exhibited 5800 (RMB) / whole exhibition period
600 (RMB) / M2
Only place is hired since 36 M2, do not offer lintel board to make, desk and chair and fluorescent lamp.

General exhibits an area
3m×3m is exhibited 5500 (RMB) / whole exhibition period

Abroad exhibit
3m×3m is exhibited 1500 (dollar) / whole exhibition period
150 (dollar) / M2

▲ mark booth contains character of a 3 2.5m tall boarding, lintel board, one table two chair, fluorescent lamp electrical outlet of power source of two small cup, 5A; Publish brief introduction of 300 words company freely.

Cover of color of proceedings of a conferences the page inside color of 8000 yuan of proceedings of a conferences 3000 yuan
Arch (20 meters) 5000 yuan /

Back cover of color of proceedings of a conferences 6000 yuan
Proceedings of a conferences is black and white inside page 1000 yuan
Sounding balloon (10 meters) 2000 yuan /

Inside front cover of color of proceedings of a conferences, 4000 yuan 3
The hand is pulled bag 6000 yuan / 1000
Advertisement of visiting certificate the reverse side 6000 yuan / 20 thousand pieces

▲ seminar: Exhibit congress will undertake during the meeting the product recommends meeting and technical seminar related the enterprise, specific service requirement and relevant charge are contacted with the organizing committee please.
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