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Machine tool of international of the 6th 2009 Jiangsu reachs industry pattern ex
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The introduction of extensive conduct propaganda that elaborate organization passes many 200 media is current exhibit meeting; Through sponsorring, assist do, undertake unit organization is high grade look around purchase business; Invite area of Jiangsu, Anhui extensively to be apart from the enterprise inside the course of study inside Cheng of 4 hours of cars of Nanjing to attend a meeting look around purchase; Invite Jiangsu, Anhui area mainly build, extend, ability changes enterprise and involve aviation of war industry, spaceflight, car and component, mould to make, machining and make, electron and instrument appearance, cast foreign capital industry, state-owend enterprise and register capital the private enterprise of above of 1 million yuan of RMBs attends a meeting; Come to a few years be arranged much channel collect, meticulously domestic database is bought to visit certificate through mailing inside 25000 much family property, send look around invite view of mail, fax to exhibit registration form, mobile phone to send exhibit meeting short message, come to distribute invitation or visit the means such as certificate to invite its general manager; Ad of TV station of newspaper, broadcasting station is carried before beginning conduct propaganda invites buy the home to attend a meeting potentially look around purchase!
The success that achieves machine tool of international of brilliant “2008 Jiangsu and ” of industry pattern exhibition again is held, got those who be in charge of branch, relevant enterprise and media support energetically. “ ” of exhibition of pattern of industry of machine tool of international of the 6th Jiangsu will continue to save machinist trade association, Jiangsu to save trade of machine tool head office, China International to close to chamber of commerce of Nanjing of chamber of commerce of meeting Nanjing branch, China International is sponsorred by Jiangsu, ” of person of our “ phoenix depends on advanced exhibition concept, rich do those who exhibit experience, extensive ginseng to exhibit resource, major to buy an information, client consummate service consciousness, in your your kind effort support falls, pattern of industry of machine tool of international of the 6th Jiangsu exhibits “ ” will be achieved again brilliant! Before congress invites sincerely the enterprise inside global trade, will join exhibit, development market! Congress is invited sincerely before the home and professional personage are being bought inside course of study, will look around purchase!

Extend meeting time
Cloth exhibits: On March 15, 2009 —16 day 8: 30—17: 30
Showpiece: On March 17, 2009 —19 day 9: 00—16: 30
Remove exhibit: On March 19, 2009 16 when hind
■ showpiece content
Machine tool and tool kind: Electric equipment of machine of mill of machining center of metallic cutting machine tool, numerical control, lathe, grinder, milling machine, punching machine and automation peripheral, boring machine, drilling machine, sawing machine, broaching machine, planer, carve, tapper, modular machine tool, machine tool, metal machines fluid, accessory to wait; Cut the trigger, machine that fold a turn, drawing machine, water / laser / the blaze cut machine, pipe bender, machine that cut a canal, machine pouring wine cup, band saw machine, fretsaw machine, dissolve receives the machine, oil pressure machine, muller, machine that throw ball to wait; Component of hydraulic pressure of the computer application software such as actuating device of numerical control system, servo, CAD/CAM/CAE/PDM and hardware, mechanical drive disk assembly, pneumatic.
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