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Sealing machine of aluminum foil of hand-held of numerical control type
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Company: Henan saves comfort to contain heal machinery limited company

Contact: Mr Wang Chen is added for commercial associate

Register information: Already passed attestation
Certificate reachs honor: 0
The member evaluates gross: 0 express an opinion
Enterprise type: Privately owned is finite liability company
Management mode: Type of production
Employee number: Person of 51 - 100
Register fund: RMB 500 thousand yuan / year - 1 million yuan / year
Examine this company detailed data

Mr Wang Chen (manager)
Phone: 86 0371 69079008
Fax: 86 0371 66530852
Mobile telephone: 13633712258
Business address: Chinese Henan Zhengzhou is in charge of the city zone east ave A of edifice of 59 blessing China 12A
Postcode: 450000
Company homepage: Http:// ? MemberID=packysjxHttp://

Name of detailed information equipment: Model of sealing machine of aluminum foil of hand-held of type of Ysbzjxliuyl numerical control: YSFL-1000

Product introduction
1, the aluminum foil bag that sealing machine of hand-held aluminum foil uses at the industry ideal such as medicine, pesticide, food, cosmetic, lube packages heal facility.
2, power is adjustable, heal range is wide, heal quality is reliable;
3, the hand controls pushbutton control job, economy is practical, can suit to work for long. (our company offer film of all sorts of data reaction aluminum foil at the same time) .

Technical parameter
Power source: 220V 50/60Hz
Power: 600-1000W is adjustable
Heal ability: ≤60 bottle / cent
Heal diameter: Millimeter of Φ20-80 millimeter Φ60-120
Cooling means: Wind is cold
Exterior dimension: 350×320×60mm
Weight: 4kg
The material of heal container is qualitative: Get together PS of PET of second PE, polypropylene PP, polyester, polystyrene, ABS and glass.

The detail logs onto my company website please or the incoming telegram seeks advice, my company from quality the first, credit the first, service the first, all tenets that are user consider, introduce an advanced technique, develop the market ceaselessly, achieve well-known trademark, carry offerings to pledge the advanced package machine with stability of admirable, function, reasonable price reachs material of form a complete set for the industry. Packer product is protected one year character, lifelong maintenance, my company is in charge of freight.
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