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Steel of treasure of follow-up of more than 10 steelworks depreciates
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After the decision that just made value of product of four quarters rolled steel reduce in Bao Ganggang before long, more than 10 steelworks of domestic follow suit in succession depreciate, rolled steel price every tons drop generally 200 yuan. Among them, head steel divides boat board outside (price of boat board executive quarter) , other in thick board the foundation that hanged list price August moves 200 yuan up and down / ton; 8 steel hot-rolling board roll reduce 300 yuan / ton, spiral price reduces 300 yuan / ton, cold rolling board coils the price reduces 300 yuan / ton; Bao Gang is right hot-rolling, cold rolling, cold price of hard, galvanization all reduces 200 yuan / ton.

The data that Department of Commerce monitors shows, average price was domestic steel products respectively July 6284 yuan / ton, drop than June 0.4% ; The half moon on August this are average the price is 6124 yuan / ton, before comparing, half month drops 2.2% . In addition, material of wire, plank, canal and profile price all have different level to drop.

Combine gauze analyst Zhang Ping to point out, value of rolled steel market from June the middle ten days of a month begins to reduce, because before this 3 quarters all are,rise the value of treasure steel product of posture greatly prep above is current market price. And treasure steel price has vane effect, early days steelworks follows suit in succession rise, this the price is reduced also accord with market whole to anticipate. Zhang Ping expresses, because the demand after the Olympic Games increases, rolled steel supply will appear a to the limit of one's capacity, predict rolled steel price had to rise September prices, but this factitious prices will end by September, price of steel of second half of the year won't appear to rebound considerably.