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Oil price of market of 10 days of new York drops to every pails of 103 dollars u
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Interest of exchange rate of because the dollar is right main money rises offsetted the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (Oupeike) the influence that reduction of output and stock of commerce of American crude oil fall, international oil price continues 10 days next defeat, oil price of Newyork city field drops to every pails of 103 dollars under.

Oupeike announced in Vienna that day, limitation of daily output of this organization crude will maintain in 28.8 million pails changeless. Badeli expresses Ou Peike secretary-general, this action means Oupeike everyday actual output will reduce about 500 thousand pails. Mixed this year in May in June, to stablize number one of oil price world petroliferous country the Saudi Arabia increased daily output to mix 200 thousand pails 300 thousand pails early or late.

The report that American energy department publishs 10 days shows, stock of commerce of American crude oil fell last week 5.9 million pails, gas business stock fell 6.5 million pails. Suffer above message effect, price of futures of crude oil of Newyork city field rebounds for a time litre reach every pails 104. 97 dollars.

Nevertheless, the dollar was achieved to euro exchange rate that day those who give 11 months to come is new tall, also rise strong to pound and yen, prompt the fall after a rise of price of crude oil futures with dollar valuation. Meanwhile, european Union committee was moved that day fell the anticipation that to euro area economy grows this year, international Energy Agency was reduced today bright two years demand of international market crude oil anticipates, aggravate investor grows lack mechanical responsiveness to send demand reductive to worry to global economy. Oil price of Newyork city field stops go up turn drop, dish in lowest is touched reach every pails 101. 36 dollars.

Arrive when closing quotation, the price of futures of light qualitative crude that the Comex delivered the goods October drops 68 cent, close at every pails 102. 58 dollars. The North sea that bourse of London international oil delivered the goods October Bulunte price of crude oil futures drops 1. 37 dollars, close at every pails 98. 97 dollars.

The gasoline futures price that button business place delivered the goods October every gallon rises 0. 9 cent, close at 2. 6616 dollars. Delivered the goods October warm oneself oily futures price every gallon drops 2. 23 cent, close at 2. 9024 dollars. The price of natural gas futures that delivered the goods October every 1000 cubic metre foot drop 14. 2 cent, close at 7. 393 dollars.

Since 147.27 dollars were hit on international oil price on July 11 this year up to now, price of futures of international crude oil falls a more than 30 % .