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Oil price of Newyork city field drops split every pails of 95 dollars
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Because ” of hurricane “ Ike is not right,petroliferous establishment causes Mexican bay play havoc with and American banking industry is queasy cause investor to be opposite of American economy anxious, oil price of Newyork city field drops 15 days split every pails of 95 dollar.

That day, the price of futures of light qualitative crude that the Comex delivered the goods October is in dish of electron before the lowest in trading drops to every pails 94. 13 dollar, trade than before one the closing quotation price of day steeped fall 7. 5 dollar. Oil price of market of the new York after open quotation is small pick up, but still drop 5. 94 dollar, sign up for every pails 95. 24 dollar.

That day, american banking industry lifts storm again. Company of Lei Man of bank of the 4th large investment's brother announces the United States go bankrupt, and the 3rd large investment of American bank beautiful Lin Gong manages be bought by American bank. Meanwhile, group of international of United States of American the biggest insurance company may be forced to sell asset overshoot in order to plan market fund difficulty. This a series of messages hit investor to be opposite greatly the confidence of American economy, more the concern that caused negotiant to drop possibly to demand of world crude oil, cause ” of diving of oil price “ thereby.

The reason of oil price fall after a rise still includes: 13 days land the United States to get Kesasi the ” of hurricane “ Ike of the city is not right the crude oil of this area and facilities of natural gas production are caused destroy greatly and if need to will employ its,international Energy Agency makes known his position again strategic oil reserve.

Oil price of Newyork city field is in 12 days of Pan Zhongceng is brief drop to every pails 99. 99 dollar, although only brushstroke trades, but this is from this year at the beginning of April since first time of oil price of Newyork city field drops defeat col of psychology of every pails of 100 dollar.

That day, because investor worries about American banking industry and macroeconomic foreground, after open quotation of new York stock market 3 big show all fronts goes low.