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International oil price approachs every pails of 100 dollars
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Although ” of hurricane “ Ike forces refinery of Mexican bay part to shut, the dollar goes strong to mix demand is fatigued and weak still make futures of crude oil of Newyork city field trades valence and closing quotation price 11 days of in pairs drops split every pails of 101 dollar.

That day, the price of futures of light qualitative crude that the Comex delivered the goods October dish in lowest drops 2. 48 dollar, touch reach every pails 100. 10 dollar; Arrive when closing quotation, drop 1 . 71 dollar, sign up for every pails 100. 87 dollar, since achieving 5 many months, lowest trades the price and closing quotation price. The North sea that bourse of London international oil delivered the goods October Bulunte price of crude oil futures dish in achieve 6 month to come lowest trades valence every pails 96. 99 dollar, up to time of American the eastpart part 4 nowadays drops afternoon 1 . 7 dollar, sign up for every pails 97. 90 dollar.

Price of futures of crude oil of Newyork city field goes low all the way after 11 days of open quotation, the dollar with strong near future and as before exhausted weak market demand is the main reason that brings about oil price to drop. The dollar continued to main money exchange rate that day raise, it is to achieve a year to come more to euro exchange rate new tall. Analytic personage expresses, euro area economic depression makes euro issues defeat to dollar exchange rate not only, also mean demand of this area crude oil to will drop at the same time.

Meanwhile, the report of American energy department shows, up to a week September 5 in, inventory of commerce of American natural gas increased 2 % considerably, prep above market anticipates, aggravate the concern with depressed to American home demand investor.

Be about to at 12 days late or 13 days early land the United States the ” of hurricane “ Ike of the city has forced Dekesasi a few refinery of this area are shut, the concern that petroliferous to Mexican bay area establishment suffers an effect makes oil price of Newyork city field 11 days dish in rebound small for a time, but the trend that fails finally to restrain oil price to drop.

· of Kang Ni of senior analyst of company of wall street strategy is special accept expresses, although have ” of hurricane “ Ike pull move, but continue generally to look as a result of negotiant empty, price of crude oil futures just stays on every pails of 100 dollar constrainedly. Special accept thinks, strong dollar will be the mainest factor that prompts oil price to drop, and the action that because the United States reachs growth of the economy inside global limits,puts delay to bring about slow down in demand to also can have add fuel to the fire.

Special in the time that accept predicts to oil price is remained this year will maintain very likely it is under 100 dollar, but do not eliminate to have the possibility that rebounds strong.
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