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Steel reduces steely price to adjust extent to be in 800 yuan more again / ton
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Afterwards earlier will after the price was reduced in October, yesterday, the vane —— Bao Gang of domestic steely price reduces steely product price again, billet, hot-rolling, cold rolling reduce in the round, adjust extent to be in 800 yuan more / ton.

Since second half of the year, our country steely price ended first half of the year go up all the way, bao Gang is reduced continuously mixed in October the price made undoubtedly in November stagnant steely market one disaster after another.

The announcement that reachs center of professional corporation, sale according to Bao Gang granting company of international various places below Bao Gang shows, study a decision via committee of this company price, product value was in iron and steel of Bao Gang joint-stock company in November adjusted again on value basis October.

Adjust this involve besmear of billet, hot-rolling, cold rolling, colour to wait for 13 kinds big, next amplitude modulation general are ubiquitous 700-800 yuan / ton, fall B40 reduces a variety of the greatest a billet 2500 yuan / ton.

As we have learned, bao Gang reduces steel price, prime cause is home market slow down in demand. The reporter understands, current, steelworks of domestic much home is passing all sorts of means reduction of output, stop production to be opposite in order to answer low confused market. Among them, wu Gang predicts to began to overhaul partial equipment in September, and treasure steel respect expresses, order is at present insufficient, demand not flourishing.

Face low confused rolled steel market, xu Lejiang of president of treasure steel group says frankly, in inflationary pressure, economy growth puts alleviation below the macroscopical setting with downstream trade abate demand, the potential risk of steely industry profit and difficulty increase apparently. He expresses, the inflection point that rises cycle quickly from round of steely trade that began 2002 has appeared, the old pattern —— that Chinese steely course of study will leave to moved a few years in the past relies on demand exuberant, product rises in price, the development mode that everybody makes money. Chinese steely industry is entering high cost period, rely on the low cost, competition way that spells the price to go to the end. Chinese steely industry must accelerate annex to recombine, quicken industrial structure to upgrade the wave motion that will answer global economy and decline.