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Zhou Sanjiang of futures of international crude oil is strong rebound
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Zhou San of crude oil futures goes up a more than 6 dollars / bucket, cast off the exhausted weak posture of the near future, the reason is American stock falls considerably, dollar add euro goes low.

New York business hands in an October to pledge price of settle accounts of low sulfur crude oil rises gently 6.01 dollars, to every pails of 97.16 dollars, go up 6.7% . ICE futures exchange cloth human relations is special in November price of crude oil settle accounts rises 5.61 dollars, to every pails of 94.84 dollars, go up 6.3% .

The weekly report that the government issues shows, when Zhou Meiguo crude oil, benzine and heat up in a steamer divided oily inventory to glide in succession on September 12. The analyst expresses, although glide,extent is close to or under anticipate, but this shows the market is supplied be critical. Since countrywide benzine inventory is recorded to had 1990 lowermost level.

These data enclothed hurricane ancient Si Dafu (Gustav) and hurricane Ike (the time that Ike) lands Mexican bay. Hurricane is forced almost the oil refining of 1/5 produces all maritime crude production and United States can shut, and this industry returns to normal manufacturing rate is slower also.

The defeat below dollar add euro also is carried brace up oil price. Euro is newest sign up for 1.4355 dollars, zhou Er end dish sign up for 1.414 dollars. The dollar is exhausted the crude price that can make oil exporter adjust dollar valuation infirmly, can attract investor to change the look to heavy goods the market at the same time, develop exchange rate venture in order to be opposite.

LaSalleFuturesGroup is stationed in Chicago to trade director MattZeman expresses, if the dollar resembles issueing defeat so now continuously, crude price will break through every pails of 100 dollars once more.

Oil data still shows the past last week all around American petroleum demand relatively on year the corresponding period drops 4.4% .

Gao Cheng (GoldmanSachs) analyst is opposite his price of futures of fiducial crude oil anticipates the United States inside 3 months to be reduced from every pails of 149 dollars to 115 dollars, think to suffer effect of global economic depression, oil price is possible lowest drops to every pails of 75 dollars.

The analyst is in Zhou San points out some earlier in the report that moment issues, as before bullish oil price, current price level is average good chance.

Those who supply a side is anxious exist as before. Armed element was initiated to the oil facilities of Nigeria new round assault. Associated press (AssociatedPress) covers, this country daily output drops more than 1 million pails.

Price of futures of October RBOB gasoline rises 6.22 cent, to every gallon 2.463 dollars, go up 2.6% . October warms oneself oil price case goes up 10.5 cent, to every gallon 2.8247 dollars, go up 3.9% .

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