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Chinese fastener industry is in produce can superfluous in ability rises abruptl
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Of Chinese fastener overcapacity say to be not an empty hole invites the wind-weakness lends wings to rumors, crop of our country fastener amounted to 3.7 million tons 2005, row world the first, fastener productivity is more than market demand, it is a fact that does not dispute. But this is cheap product, and fastener of common and cheap standard occupies 45%——50% under 8.8 class, these are promulgated by the State Council " of short duration of stimulative industry structural adjustment sets all right " in label mechanical product to restrict kind of project. Can a lot of investor know to produce obviously can superfluous, why to produce big big money toward fastener even be cast in the enterprise? Exist here how the problem of look upon productivity, below market economy condition, the productivity of a kind of any products should be more than market demand necessarily, this is the result of market adjustment. In discard of bad of the superior in competition, in order to achieve the fundamental balance of supply and demand, look from the rule of market economy basic and such. So, why can you appear again does everybody disease breathe out does “ fastener produce can superfluous ” ?

Right same a thing, stem from different goal, inevitable meeting has different voice. The government reminds investor “ cheap product is the ” of restricted, it is to admonish the risk here very gist discretion is chosen; The personage inside course of study says to produce can superfluous, their word also can represent different interest group, investor you dare will ” of “ risk everyone's condemnation invest?

Productivity is more than market demand, it is the inevitable rule of market economy. Besides, we still want high-grade product entrance. Only productivity is more than market demand, just have market competition, ability quickens pace of research and development, the enterprise should have product structural adjustment in time, of contented and different mechanical product purchase a requirement, production should be accelerated energetically namely during 915 ” of “ 8.8 class above (cementite kind) fastener and car of high strenth high accuracy are special fastener, the abnormity that be not mark, stainless steel fastener, titanium alloy fastener, make this kinds of product is opposite domestic and internationally with suiting from the current 40% 50%——60% that rise to occupy gross the demand of fastener product. Rise abruptly ceaselessly in ability of industry of fastener of the China in the cry of the overcapacity.