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Expert: comfortable humorous " does establish dusk swallow Mi of handsome of ur
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The great change of billows of true it may be said of rolled steel market 2008. Value of market of domestic and international first half of the year rolled steel ever was climbed considerably all the way litre, and the menace that the financial crisis that deepens ceaselessly now causes world economic depression is coming over to rolled steel market.

The situation of trade of vanadium of tungsten of the 6th China that the reporter holds in 16 days learns on the seminar, rolled steel demand begins to appear to reduce a current apparently. The expert thinks, world economy will enter to adjust period, along with economic fall after a rise, value of resource sex product returns occurrence fall after a rise to go situation, rolled steel and iron ore price also fall accelerate fall after a rise.

At present the serious inadequacy of the deficit of steelworks and contract has forced a lot of steely enterprises to must take the way of reduction of output. A lot of big steely companies such as steel of near future treasure, horse steel, Lai steel, aid steel raise reduction in production in succession 20% , enterprises of a lot of civilian battalion iron and steel had been immersed in the predicament of reduction of output, stop production. On the seminar, expert of the State Council and a few famous the controller of enterprise of civilian battalion iron and steel publishs a view to point out with respect to current condition in succession, although exit of rolled steel of month of our country 7-8 achieves 7.21 million tons 7.68 million tons, achieve the history again new tall, but at present rolled steel exit has faced quite great difficulty, exit of four quarters rolled steel has hard add situation, appear even small fall after a rise.

A controller of heavy-duty and rigid company that does not wish to disclose a full name tells a reporter, the contract increases fast fall after a rise compared to the same period first half of the year, the contract had dropped apparently compared to the same period in August. Rolled steel demand is abate inevitable. The price that this will affect market of four quarters rolled steel directly goes situation.

General of Ma Zhong of director of research center of market of Hua Rui of net of China business affairs expresses when accepting our newspaper reporter to interview, 2008 second half of the year, inflationary pressure brings about world economy to add fast considerably trend of fall after a rise is very clear. Euramerican grow with Japanese economy already fall after a rise arrives 1% the left and right sides. Organic compose forecasts economy of 3 quarters United States not to grow 1% , four quarters will be negative growth. Many developing country economy are added fast also appeared apparent fall after a rise. World economy is in fall after a rise of experience short period. The economy on the history is periodic the main reason of fall after a rise is by the product superfluous cause. And this economy is periodic the main reason of fall after a rise is insanity of resource product value rise cause inflationary pressure to increase, cause economy to add then fast abate erupt with financial venture form. Be a delegate with the United States second borrow risk and financial venture to erupt above all, will continue economy of whole world of be a burden on is this world economy another of periodic fall after a rise main feature. As the stock market, negotiable securities, estate, nonferrous metal, oil, steely price drop considerably, the financial risk that shares early days hype erupts be the first to be affected accords with the rule.
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