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Steely course of study " cold current " transition of test head steel
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Competition and risk aggravate transition upgrade shoulder heavy responsibilities

However, head the new student of steel, have the feeling of bit of ” when “ is born not to meet, what one be born sees at the moment is a panic. Of price of commodity of the iron and steel on international dive substantially, demand of iron and steel of domestic downstream industry glides ceaselessly, the steel of treasure of big alligator of iron and steel, saddle steel long-term control to high-end product market, can head next development of steel form instruction.

A steel of crucial to be in transition period for, it should answer mixed market to compete on one hand, want to continue to advance transition on one hand, competition and risk aggravate, do do strong shoulder heavy responsibilities greatly.

Zhu Jimin says, head the target of steel is construction home the steely company with top-ranking, lead international, light has hardware is no good, must catch construction of ” of good “ software, namely the management of the innovation of the talent's education, technology and enterprise.

Develop a target for what this steel decided he is new: To 2010, build home's top-ranking steely business; Build international to 2020 model big company group, enter the world 500 strong.

Head the guiding ideology that steel put forward to build proceed with to enhance company competition ability from ability and concrete step. If put talent strategy the first, strengthen a talent to build. Introduce the emphasis ability quality model, perfect performance manages system and talent to introduce education mechanism, raise a steel the integral quality of faculty and technical level.

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