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Steely course of study " cold current " transition of test head steel
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Dispatch of network of Chinese economy news: Be in a Beijing of steel have the aid of Olympic Games good luck, advance whole to remove be about to win when, because industry of global iron and steel suffers the effect of financial seismic sea wave and ” of rise from all directions of “ cold wind. The twinking of market of international iron and steel changes and the demand of domestic downstream industry glides, head the comprehensive transition of steel upgrades the difficulty that brings expect to be less than. Recently, head administrator of the 160 high level in much name assembles in steel group pasture of the wife of a prince of Cao of Bohai Sea bay discusses the way to deal with a situation.

Head steel transition

Head steel whether successful transition, the future that matters to a steel not only develops, also matter to the international competition ability of future of Chinese steely industry.

Head steel develops for a time rapid, already became at present give priority to with iron and steel, a variety of industries such as line of business of mining holding battalion concurrently, mechanical, electron, building, estate, service, overseas trade, cross a region, step the system of ownership, large and steely group that steps a country to manage.

2005 head steel general total of a capital 80 billion yuan, steel output 8 million tons, worker the steely enterprise whole of 10 much person removes. Current a company of steel change steel, head company of the Qin Dynasty, suitable justice cold rolling project already all built go into operation, formed 4.5 million tons to mix respectively 2.6 million tons of steel productivity. The construction of Cheng of ironwork of steel of Beijing the Tang Dynasty that is located in pasture of Heibei Cao the wife of a prince also nears end, preliminary formed “ of steely course of study the development new structure of ” of much ground of one course of study.

Head steel new project besides suitable justice outside cold rolling factory, other all stand by the sea. The construction of project of Tang Gang iron is opposite Beijing of pasture of Cao the wife of a prince a steel have epoch-making sense more. Head steel president Zhu Jimin says, company of iron and steel of Beijing the Tang Dynasty is the steely enterprise of the first true construction of our country that overlook the lake, it is our country steely enterprise the successful practice of strategy of the move that overlook the lake. Pasture of Cao the wife of a prince has the course of natural deep water that does not need artificial excavate, negotiable the low cost that shipping of 250 thousand tons of class is helpful for raw material and product is carried.

And the building of a chain of new project put into production, make the hardware respect of a steel had the capacity of two change completely: It is give priority to from senior capable person give priority to change to plank; 2 be transform to advanced product from raw product.
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