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Industry of our country bearing grows rapid market to be valued gradually
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Of bearing market extend ceaselessly, also brought the market and business chance for bearing steel. Group of Shanghai treasure steel 5 steel company is one of base of production of domestic bearing steel, produce and sale of steel of these a few years of bearing two flourishing. Last year, 5 steel developed steel of high quality bearing, be like a car, van, mention steel of bearing of fast passenger car, bearing steel of production is tasted newly than going up year of growth 23.8% . This year first half of the year, the bearing steel output of the company has achieved 78 thousand tons, grow 35.3% compared to the same period. Of new development exceed Leng Lacai of pure bearing steel to offer the world's greatest miniature bearing to produce enterprise Japan beautiful bud inferior company, with the high speed at air conditioning steel of quiet tone bearing is made, times get an user reputably. River Yin Xingcheng is special the steel of bearing of high quality scales that steel company produces, year sales volume amounts to 300 thousand tons, occupy in domestic dosage 1/3, crowded as the world steel of the 3rd large bearing produces a business.

Domestic bearing market of future still will extend ceaselessly. Expert analysis, to 2005 our country will produce bearing 3 billion, gross value of industrial output achieves 31 billion yuan. At present our country has had 24-25 100 million productivity, among them general bearing is begged for be more than. During 15 ” of “ , the lead plane of form a complete set of bearing is a car, autocycle, home appliance, tractor, railroad traffic, metallurgy mine is mechanical, petro-chemical machinery and spin are mechanical. The bearing of our country exports foreground to value, predict exit can amount to 1.8 billion 2005, achieve collect 9-10 100 million dollars. From this, the demand of bearing steel will rise apparently. Forecast bearing steel wastage of home will achieve 1.2 million tons 2005, than growing 20% at least at present.

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