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Our country diamond exceeds the current situation of hard data and development t
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At present crop of our country making synthetic diamond ranks world first place, alive bound exceeded hard data industry to acquire his due position. 1998 ~ 2001, the total output that our country exceeds hard data and product is jumped by 400 million carat to 1.62 billion carat, among them product output increases 290 million carat by 50 million carat, increase nearly 5 times.

Exceed hard data


In respect of high grade single crystal, what synthesize equipment as diamond is large change, farinaceous accelerant and material of farinaceous carbon element synthesize a technology to be popularized in the round, new-style and compound send the development application that presses medium, what high strenth diamond holds growth of proportion year after year. Some enterprises already can batch production is equivalent to MBS950 above high-grade product, scale is in 20% above, high-grade product place occupies scale to already was amounted to in 42% , economic benefits rises greatly.

In new breed respect, appeared a kind of is CSD breed diamond abrasive that is weighed, namely granule structure diamond (CrumbStructureDiamond) , this breed is different from the place of grain of traditional diamond single crystal, depending on it is form by many petty grain. In grinding process, when grinding force reachs certain level, these petty grain can arise tiny and broken, consequently from acute sex first-rate, grinding is very sharp, efficiency is very tall, use life mission is chiefer, workpiece surface quality is better. CSD abrasive most agree with treatment hard alloy, also can use at the treatment of glass, pottery and porcelain, suit colophony bond to grind most, bond of copper of usable also Yu Qing, pottery and porcelain is ground.

Cubic nitrogen changes boron (CBN) abrasive

As technical development, CBN abrasive breed is in the amber single crystal with intensity and tenacity developed better on the foundation of breed of two black single crystal in the past two breed, add plating Ni variety 3, small pink breed two, form nine breed in all, the breed that enlarged CBN greatly reachs his to use range.

Plating Fu product

On the foundation of product of plating Ni, Cu, Ti, developed plating Fu corundum exceed hard data breed, its product feature is, with hard fragile corundum (or carborundum) for coating, and coating shows “ to prick shape ” . This breed application exceeds strong pattern at colophony bond, have plating nickel not only (Ni) , copper (the advantage of Cu) abrasive, and still overcame plating Fu cost to reach the defect that makes the tool becomes blunt high, treatment efficiency raises 30% ~ 35% , service life rises 20% .

The development trend henceforth

(1) what wait for a technology as facilities of raw material preparation, new-style bond, special production, testing instrument is ceaseless and perfect, the production technology level that exceeds hard data products will rise substantially, new breed will be ceaseless emerge in large numbers, have high rate, tall ply, ultrathin, complex model the product of the characteristic such as the face will continue to develop toward higher level, product quality will rise apparently.
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