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The market prospect of medical apparatus and instruments of our country laser
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The development of technology of our country laser passes tough effort of 40 years, all obtained major breakthrough on technology and application. Laser already became our country's most active technology to research one of fields. At present home already had research center of technology of laser of 5 states level, orgnaization of ten products research and development, be being produced to company of rare Home 150~160 and sell laser and product of laser form a complete set. These companies basically are distributed to wait for province city in Wuhan, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Beijing, Xi'an. Sale of countrywide laser market already exceeded 30 billion yuan of RMBs 2005, its doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is 700 million ~8 about with laser sale 100 million yuan. The personage inside course of study thinks, on research level, photograph comparing of technology of our country laser and abroad is not backward how many, the in some way exceeds abroad to have a level even. But the problem that exists at present is, of product of laser new technology change rate is not as high as the west. Next, in product of laser of a few high end (wait like laser of solid of riverside of semiconductor laser, semiconductor pump) development respect still is in exploration phase, and abroad already had mature product to appear on the market.

The production of laser medical apparatus and instruments of our country takes the place of from 1990 first since, development speed is unusually swift and violent. According to concerning respect report, equipment of homebred laser medical treatment already rose to in homebred laser sale the 3rd, year increase rate is as high as 20~30% . At present the whole nation each are big the hospital already all built center of laser medical treatment, of 80% medium or small the hospital established section office of laser medical treatment, bound of domestic medical treatment increases greatly to the demand of equipment of laser medical treatment. Can expect, henceforth a few years homebred and medical the sale hopeful of laser rises considerably. Foreign expert thinks, market of laser of 3 big medical treatment is the world respectively: The United States, Japan and China. Its reason is, laser technology of China and western photograph are not lower than the level, and China has 1.3 billion population, the potential demand of reason laser medical apparatus and instruments is huge.

What before this a few years each country develops is medical laser is large facility more, the price is high, as semiconductor laser come out, medical laser already incline to is changed at miniaturization, economization and family expenses. According to the report, manufacturer of a few laser already rolled out the west the price moderate, laser that suits a family to use reduces weight the equipment of medical treatment of laser of small-sized family expenses such as appearance, laser decompression appearance. The source laser of LED new photons that Inc. of beautiful high-tech of auspicious of our country Harbin city develops is treated implement volume is minor, the operation is handy, suit small-sized clinic and family to use. This also is the great skill breakthrough of medical apparatus and instruments of homebred and small-sized laser.
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