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Focus: Advance side by side- do two or more things at once of transformer solar
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Tian Wei protects change 3 quarters outstanding achievement increases announcement beforehand: Via company finance affairs the pacing at the beginning of the branch calculates, the net gain with the vest in possessory parent company that 1-9 month realized predicting company 2008 (vest in parent company) than last year the corresponding period grows 160%-180% between. The 3rd quarter realizes gain two hundred and seventy million three hundred and ten thousand yuan, every accrual 0.23 yuan.

Invest a point:

1, growth of 3 quarters profit obtains the company anticipate. 8 years ago 2 quarters part gain reachs two hundred and twenty-eight million four hundred and eighteen thousand yuan two hundred and forty million five hundred and forty thousand yuan,

2, produce and sale of transformer of company dominant product estimates growth, business profit is elevatory; Company the Qin Dynasty changes add up to the yield that change to be able to predict to get releasing further in the 3rd quarter. The company has definite advantage on the transformer market of 330kv above level, install to power source as the country of machine close power plant of small fire phone, the key develops the power station of 600 thousand Kw and level of above of 1 million Kw, the birth that gives freeboard voltage transformer brought opportunity, also be the account that the company maintains wool interest rate to grow.

3, limited company of new energy of Tian Weiying benefit mixes Baoding Sichuan dimensions of business of finite liability company grows science and technology of Xin Guanggui industry continuously, predicting Tian Weiying benefit as 3 period 500mw is produced can be in put into production of complete of the end of the year, year all carrying 40% growth rate of the left and right sides. Industry of silicon of Sichuan new light predicts 8 years to produce 800 tons of polycrystalline silicon, be in amount to stage by stage produce level, predict 400 million yuan or so 8 years to bring firm yield. Company solar energy forms industrial catenary unifinication, the better risk that dissolves fluctuation zone of polycrystalline silicon price to come.

3, Tian Wei is protected change to send electrodeposition pole competitor as wind-force, had finished the assembly with 1.5MW wind overall report to work, will form 1 period 300 productivity. "Heibei saves " of research center of technology of project of large and wind- driven generation set to be brought into research center of technology of Heibei province project constructs procession. Be supported by local government, but the gain of electric equipment releases wind to still need next year or the year after next.

4, we forecast a company 2008, 2009, every accrual was 0.845 yuan respectively 2010, 1.314 yuan, 1.886 yuan, opposite city is filled with rate for 20, 14.63, 9.6 give buy investment grade.

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