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Invite public bidding of numerical control lathe
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Item of invite public bidding is main equipment: FANUC? Oi? Content of invite public bidding of lathe of Mate TC numerical control:
Suffer those who purchase an unit to entrust, undertake publicity invite public bidding to project of numerical control lathe. The supplier that specially invite accords with a condition and has the relevant capacity that offer money comes round to bid.

One, number of invite public bidding: HAZFCG2008074
2, content of invite public bidding: Numerical control lathe 4

1, equipment name: FANUC? Oi? Lathe of Mate TC numerical control

2, delivery time: After the contract is signed inside 45 days

3, payment: After equipment installation checks and accept qualification and be being used normally, pay 90% , pay without great quality problem inside a year 10%

4, delivery place: Purchase an unit

3, bid time: On November 5, 2008 morning 8:00-8:50 (Beijing time)

Time of open sealed tenders: On November 5, 2008 morning 9:00 (Beijing time)

5, bid ground of open sealed tenders nods: Invite public bidding manages unit assembly room

6, time of put on sale of file of invite public bidding: Came on October 13, 2008 in October 2008 31 afternoon 5: 00 before, exceed the time limit does not grant put on sale. Place of put on sale: Invite public bidding manages an unit, cost of production of file of invite public bidding is a RMB three hundred yuan whole, (if need to mail,add mail postage additionally 50 yuan) one sell on commission gives file of invite public bidding, uniform do not retreat, must not make over, and use as this second invite public bidding only. Buy file of invite public bidding to must offer photocopy of book of accredit of photocopy of original of book of accredit of photocopy of unit business charter, legal person, Id, brand, contact to contact means to wait.

7, the qualificatory requirement of bidder:

1, accord with a government to purchase the relevant condition; that the law sets the 22nd times

2, have aptitude of independent legal person, register fund not under 1 million yuan.

3, have perfect quality guarantee system.

4, have good bank financial condition and commercial reputation, not was in the close down that be instructed, belongings is take-overed, freeze, go bankrupt condition.

Manufacturing company can entrust an agent to undertake bidding, need to issue a power of attorney. An agent only the commission that acceptability lifetime produces a business attends bid.