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Announcement of invite public bidding of milling machine equipment
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Item of invite public bidding is main equipment: Milling machine content of 3 invite public bidding: Suffer the commission of person of invite public bidding, undertake publicity invite public bidding with respect to project of milling machine equipment, release announcement to be as follows now:

One, number of invite public bidding: Politics of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces purchases a center [2008]220 date

2, project of invite public bidding: Milling machine project (milling machine 3. Detailed sees document of invite public bidding) .

3, acceptable bidder must accord with following condition:

1, the capacity that has independence to assume civil responsibility, business charter of hold legal entity, register fund not under the RMB 500 thousand yuan (contain) .

2, must have " the government purchases a way " the condition of the 22nd regulation.

4, the idea that gets document of invite public bidding and time:

Price of file of invite public bidding: 100 yuan / portion (RMB) . This second invite public bidding is avoided close win the bid service fee, the acceptable bidder that accords with the above-listed condition can come since October 10, 2008 on November 5, 2008 (holiday except) , in the morning 8:00—12:00, afternoon 2:00—5:30 acting orgnaization is registered and buy document of invite public bidding to invite public bidding.

5, bid end reach time of open sealed tenders: On November 6, 2008 morning 9: 30.

6, bid reach place of open sealed tenders: Orgnaization of representative of invite public bidding wins the bid announcement content