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Common lathe invite public bidding
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The project explains

Project name: Announcement of common lathe invite public bidding

Number of invite public bidding: Sxcg200808

What belong to an industry: Machine tool - > metallic cutting machine tool

Date of invite public bidding: 2008-11-11

Project area: Fujian 3 bright

Invite public bidding of content of announcement of invite public bidding

The item is main equipment: Content of common lathe invite public bidding:
Suffer person of invite public bidding to entrust will purchase an item to following government
Person of invite public bidding undertakes publicity (means of invite public bidding)

1, number of writ of invite public bidding: Sxcg200808
2, content of project of invite public bidding: Lathe, computer, measuring projector

Project name Project type Utility Amount Brief technology index Purchase an unit Contact means Address Common lathe is other and special equipment of equipment school teacher and student 11 1, Chongqing school of agriculture of 3 bright city thanks factory of machine tool of chicken of <br>3 of factory of <br>2 of factory of the 2nd machine tool, Teng Zhou machine tool, treasure Yang Jun school of computer of computer of school of agriculture of 3 bright city---6 day establish education facility of school of measuring projector of measuring projector of - of Xie Yang army

3, time of file of invite public bidding of put on sale: 2008-10-20 comes 2008-11-11
4, place of file of invite public bidding of put on sale: Orgnaization of representative of invite public bidding
Bidder qualification: See mark book
Bid stop sign time: 2008-11-11 09:00:00(Beijing time)
Time of open sealed tenders: 2008-11-11 09:00:00(Beijing time)
Mark book price reachs a requirement: File of invite public bidding (paper edition or electronic edition) price is 100 yuan of RMBs; If need mail-order, add 0 yuan of RMBs additionally please; After the file makes work, invite public bidding is not retreated.