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Made CNC machine tools to speed up the process of development effort in the pr
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At present, China is in the middle of industrialization, from the gradual opening up the shortfall-based changes to the building of economic power, coal, automobiles, steel, real estate, building materials, machinery, electronics, mold, chemicals and a number of heavy industry-based high-growth strong momentum of development of the industry, constitutes a CNC machine tool market, especially the huge demand. According to the International Association of mold and plastic supplier responsible Luobai Hui introduced, China has surpassed Germany to become the world's largest machine tool market, CNC machine tool consumption has become mainstream. And made CNC machine tools industry is now gathering force, is a breakout, look for big opportunities. Seize opportunity made CNC machine tools In fact, numerical control systems have made "climate, geography, and the" favorable conditions than foreign travel on the sea into the NC system has obvious advantages of our market, we can see that relative to domestic CNC system the same type of foreign control system, in the after-sales service, cost, and so has the absolute advantage in low-end applications, made CNC system not only has an absolute advantage in price, but also in product quality and reliability is also not inferior to Any foreign manufacturers of products. In the aviation manufacturing enterprises, the upgrading of equipment is very fast, backward production capacity, energy-consuming equipment will be eliminated after the transformation, which is a huge potential market, is also made into the Aviation Manufacturing CNC an opportunity to seize the opportunity to catch up, is the breakout of domestic CNC system, a historic opportunity to reinvent yourself. Made to speed up the process of CNC machine tool industry High-end CNC machine tools in China significantly independent innovation and independent innovation to accelerate the industrialization process. In the heavy, super heavy-duty CNC machine tools research and development, complex five-axis gantry machine heavy, super heavy-duty CNC horizontal boring lathe and a number of international advanced level in the successful development of high-end CNC machine tools to meet the aerospace, power generation equipment, automobiles, etc. Key areas of focus for the processing needs of large parts; high-speed precision CNC lathes, machining centers and other products widely used in automotive, aerospace, tooling, electronics, military and other industry sectors, and promote the upgrading of many small and medium enterprises and industrial upgrading equipment . Vigorously implement the domestic machine tool enterprises technological innovation, product structure adjustment has made great progress.