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Wu weight change for 10 years: high-end market innovation to seize the machin
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Wuhan Heavy Machine Tool Co., Ltd. is China's manufacturing CNC heavy duty, super heavy-duty machine specifications largest and most varied of the key equipment manufacturing enterprises, China Machine Tool Industry Association branch chairman of heavy-duty machine tools unit. 2000-2009 10 years, the reform policies in the central Hubei provincial government the right guidance and leadership, cadres and workers Takeshige difficulties, work hard, pioneering and innovative, and achieved fruitful results. 10 years, sales of heavy arms to maintain a CAGR of 28.5%, maintaining 56% of the total profit compound growth rate of taxes paid to maintain a CAGR of 52.5%, and achieved a more significant economic and social benefits, corporate profits came in China heavy-duty machine tool industry first. During this period, through a series of effective reform, enterprise management system, management mechanism and so great changes have taken place. Takeshige transformation as an opportunity to relocate, according to "the introduction - digestion - absorption - another new" ideas, and actively carry out independent innovation, to seize the high-end market of international heavy machine tools in the major projects and projects for the state to provide a number of major equipment CNC Meanwhile, exports to Europe and other developed countries have more than one high-grade heavy-duty CNC machine tools. 1. Transformation of the relocation to promote the optimization and upgrading of product structure Rapid development in the enterprise, the military re-germination of its own concern about the future: aging equipment, production capacity is limited; located in the heart of the Inner Ring Road, Wuhan, bound and urban development planning in the future discord. Reform is imperative to move both a golden opportunity. (1) moving to seize the historical opportunity to achieve transformation In 2001, heavy weapons, "the relocation of land replacement transformation," the idea of recognition by the local government. In 2005, according to the strategic need of long-term development of China Development and Reform Commission to develop a "National Development Plan CNC machine tool industry." In 2006, in the state, "Rise of Central China" strategy under the guidance of Hubei Province and Wuhan City are in the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" referred to in support of military weight. Takeshige this as an opportunity to the scientific outlook on development as guidance, the rapid development of the "heavy-duty CNC machine tools and long-term development plans and product series model" and to implement the transformation of the overall relocation of the main line of building a new plant "Eleventh Five-Year" period of development goals , ideas and measures. November 29, 2007, Wu re-plant in the Wuhan East Lake New Technology Development Zone Industrial Park Ridge laid the foundation stone Buddha. July 26, 2008, Wu made the first important technological transformation and equipment XKD2755 CNC heavy duty boring and milling machine milling head Ssangyong door four installed in the new plant in place, and put into trial production, which marked the military to re-plant construction has achieved initial results. December 24, 2009, Takeshige Forging Our new factory electric furnace hot metal first official casting, military re-plant production process to achieve closed-loop. May 2010, military re-plant after 30 months of construction, the overall transformation of the relocation project completed. Wu is also re-plant "integration of the two" made a positive and useful attempt. Businesses to invest 4600 million for the information highway construction, at present, information terminal equipment, the company has covered all secondary units, ERP applications are realized from product design to production management extension, re-building for the military has laid a good number of chemical plants basis. (2) Rehabilitation Equipment upgrade In accordance with the instructions of the leadership at all levels, heavy weapons of their own development according to the actual needs of a new plant from the outset in accordance with the "high starting point, high level design, high quality building" of the "three high" the thinking of the work. Corporate relocation, in accordance with the "Buy a number of home-made batch, modified batch, eliminate a number of" principle, the phase-out inefficient, high-energy equipment, add to the major type of CNC machine tools based critical process equipment and testing equipment . Self-made equipment for technological transformation of the research, development and production, adhering to the "Chinese equipment Chinese equipment," the faith, armed themselves with homemade equipment, a total of 42 representatives of world-class super heavy-duty re-finishing plant and equipment located in Wuhan, a heavy grade heavy weapons never end CNC machine tools exhibition hall, the move by the State relevant ministries and sectors highly appreciated. The relocation of the transformation, Wu NC heavy equipment original 5% rate increase in 90% of the new plant, the basic realization of the "use of CNC equipment manufacturing CNC products," the goal. CNC machining equipment, substantial increase in the rate will significantly increase production efficiency, Takeshige sustainable development provides a solid hardware support and technical support. (3) the optimization and upgrading of product mix The relocation of the transformation process, Takeshige to "abandon the low-end products, improve and perfect mid-range products, relying on major projects and key areas of national development needs of actively developing high-end products" principle, to achieve the optimal adjustment of product structure and comprehensive technology upgrade. Currently, the military re-leading products have been completed a comprehensive high technology composite technology upgrade, especially super-heavy-duty machine tools to achieve a composite of all the processing, to high precision, high-speed, multi-axis, complex, flexible, intelligent, the direction of overall development and environmental protection. Takeshige annual sales income over 5% investment in R & D devoted to new product development, development, production and sales. At present, heavy weapons have basically formed a "generation of production, design generation, development of generation, the generation reserve" a new pattern of product development, new product development into a virtuous circle. 10 kinds of heavy weapons per year have new products to market, product mix and specifications are escalating. 2009, Takeshige independently developed "XKD2755 × 570-2M CNC milling machine set Liangshuang Long door move", "CKX5363 × 95/160 super heavy-duty CNC vertical milling machine tool" and "FB225A CNC floor-type milling machine boring "are China's nuclear power, hydropower, wind power, ships and aerospace and national economic development, key industries and areas of major technical equipment needed, the product water to achieve an average of contemporary international advanced level. 2. Enhance the development of innovation potential of the (1) building state-level enterprise technology center According to focus on supporting industry and market development needs, Takeshige professional development with enterprise product features, integration of scientific and technological resources, the establishment of six research design and development of new products for enterprises to improve product market competition and customer acceptance have made outstanding contribution. Takeshige Enterprise Technology Center in October 2007 by five national ministries jointly identified as national enterprise technical centers. (2) to establish an effective mechanism for technology innovation One is to establish an innovative management system. To ensure innovation and scientific and authoritative decision-making and effective management of military re-established by the strategic management, management, operation layer combination of decision science, responsive and efficient management of innovation management system. Second is to establish a technology transfer mechanism. Enterprise Technology Centre and the sub-branch to technology contracts, based on clear technological innovation in all aspects of their respective rights and obligations and in accordance with the commercialization of research results after the market's performance, sales revenue extracted from the corresponding remuneration and improve the effectiveness of technological innovation, reduced research and development cycle. Third is the establishment of mass innovation system. Strengthen the sense of innovation, to create a favorable environment for innovation, enhance innovation and vitality, and establish full innovative ideas, and encourage popular innovation and stimulate the creativity of each employee. Fourth, establish a mechanism for investing in technological innovation. In 2009, science and technology input 73 million yuan, accounting for 5.2% of sales, new products accounted for more than 45% of GDP. Fifth, the establishment of talent evaluation and incentive system. Wuhan City in 2002 took the lead in implementation of the enterprise "Talent Project" from the engineering and technical staff, managers, production line workers in the selection of a political quality, professional and technical precision, good management, strong professionalism, work performance and enterprise who made outstanding contributions to the development of the implementation of special allowances, through the incentive mechanism, stable workforce, and retaining a number of professional and technical personnel and key positions in the production line of talent. (3) to build industry, academia and research, with the innovation platform Takeshige adhere to the enterprises as the main, set up research and strategic alliance system, and actively explore ways to strengthen the construction of the national enterprise technical centers effective ways and mechanisms. Met with Hunan University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Wuhan University, Wuhan University and other universities and research institutes to carry out a number of research cooperation in scientific research and development, national key project application, build laboratories, personnel training and other aspects of cooperation. In addition, the positive declaration of establishment of enterprise postdoctoral workstation, October 2009, the Hubei Provincial Department of Personnel, the Provincial Board approved post-doctoral, post-doctoral arms industrial base regain the province. Wu approved again in 2010 construction of high-grade heavy-duty machine tools Machine Engineering Research Center, the national post-doctoral research station. (4) enhance the level of core technology The past two years, more heavy weapons defense manufacturing projects chosen, their arms heavy stress is placed on top of the processing power and manufacturing process levels. Key projects in the defense - "foreign-dimensional supersonic wind tunnel equipment manufacturing engineering" project, manufacturing strength with their own heavy weapons and sophisticated technology means one fell swoop. By the China Aerospace Science and Technology Group commissioned the development of China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology, the key product for spacecraft equipment - Box longitudinal welding system welding equipment and the ring system equipment.