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Chinas energy industry to provide new opportunities for the machine tool market
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China's energy industry in the "during" adhere to "optimize the development of thermal power, hydropower and orderly development, and actively develop nuclear power, accelerating the development of gas power, to develop wind power." Policy. At present, China's installed power generation capacity 8 Million kW, ranking second in the world. "Twelve Five" period, China will enter a peak period of nuclear power construction, will also intensify the development of offshore wind power project. 2015, China's total installed capacity of power generation in operation to be achieved 1.26 billion KW, will be highest in the world. To meet the national economic development, electric power industry will maintain a certain growth rate. My Government has formally committed to the world, gross domestic product by 2020 carbon dioxide emissions Compared to 2005 decreased by 40% to 45%, non-fossil energy share of total primary energy consumption reached about 15%. To achieve this goal, we must increase the energy restructuring, vigorously develop new and renewable energy. The adjustment of energy structure, energy equipment manufacturing industry to expand the market space, but also created for the machine tool industry Created new market opportunities. China's energy equipment manufacturing industry to the "Eleventh Five" has a larger investment, but as nuclear power, wind power and other clean energy, increase investment, large castings and forgings, ring body (such as the turbine housing ), A large complex parts, large flat processing and processing of semi-circular body, blade, blade root processing and a variety of pump, pump and valve manufacturing of heavy-duty vertical lathe, large floor milling and boring, super-heavy gantry milling machine, five-axis Machine Bed, and a variety of high-end CNC broaching machine set, lying processing center, and the corresponding numerical tools, measuring instruments will make new demands.