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High speed of Chongqing machine tool works automatically cut gear-hobbing machin
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Group of Chongqing machine tool does the country that cuts gear-hobbing machine application automatically to invent patent with respect to numerical control high speed, bureau of classics country intellectual property was examined repeatedly a few days ago, took accredit advice note eventually. This is company afterwards since obtaining to invent patent accredit first 1997, 10 years lie between when own innovation works break through again.

The characteristic of this machine tool can realize control of word of 7 number of axle and four-axle linkage to do type cutting automatically, it abandons thoroughly traditional cooling fluid and cutting oil, machine what cutting fluid does not have in the process to splatter the generation with oily mist, to environment and handlers free from contamination and harm, realized treatment of green environmental protection. Of the symmetrical structure of lathe bed and shield defend structure, make discharge bits implement can cut hotly quickly bits to eliminate from lathe bed, assured to work the need of cutting of type high speed. Through automatic fluctuation makings device realizes automatic treatment, every handlers can supervise the work of a few machine tools, reduced labor intensity, improved efficiency. This invention and average gear-hobbing machine are compared, machining efficiency is wet the 2~3 of cutting times, odd a cost 60% what be traditional machine tool only.