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Qingdao is obtained judge " Chinese woodworker famous city "
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Recently, the ” of famous city of “ China woodworker that association of Chinese forestry machine declares to Qingdao city reports the evaluation that undertook a committee of experts is proved, the decision awards Qingdao city to be title of ” of famous city of “ China woodworker, this is the city that the whole nation is granted this title the first times.
The woodworker industry of today's Qingdao city, through the joint efforts of person of more than 50 years of a few acting woodworker, by small arrive big, by become strong infirmly, already formed the industrial group of woodworker industry, have in the whole nation and even world taller famous degree. The woodworker of Qingdao city curiums from first convention dig kind single product, development already had 4 kinds big to now 52 series the dimensions of 1200 many breed, of all kinds woodworker is produced per year can amount to many 210, production value 2.8 billion yuan, export 80 million dollar, 10% what take countrywide industry sales revenue.
In recent years, qingdao city woodworker industry takes technical innovation and business management seriously very much, in Qingdao city woodworker association support energetically below, the product class of the enterprise promotes ceaselessly, pull close the difference of as advanced as international level, the product of 2/3 above achieved 20 centuries level of 90 time international, up to 2007, accumulative total declares all sorts of patent nearly 700, already of accredit have 610, among them, international is patent 60, the invention is patent 35, practical and new-style patent 160, the appearance designs patent 15.
The development of Qingdao city woodworker industry, also drove the development of industry of Qingdao city form a complete set at the same time, formed research and development, supply, treatment, production industry chain, be in the whole nation each are big city even the sale network that world share country and area built him, the economy that drove place on certain level grows, increased Qingdao municipality of woodworker famous degree. According to not complete count, catenary of Qingdao city woodworker industry is engaged in product scientific research, production, sale and other service unit having 255 at present, produce production business among them 185, commerce sale business 30, scientific research is service enterprise more than 40, industry from personnel of course of study 18400 people, fixed assets 900 million yuan.
During 915 ” of “ , qingdao city will make the famous brand of international area, woodworker industry also will be built it is bibcock with well-known big company, collect the industrial situation that drives business of form a complete set with the brand, expand brand economy effect, form the catenary of famous brand industry that is bibcock with brand enterprise and group of famous brand industry, achieve the interactive progress of district brand and group brand.

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