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Expenditure of our country machine tool is expected to amount to 18 billion doll
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Because accelerate the industrialized process that have, hopeful achieved expenditure of our country machine tool 2008 18 billion dollar, maintain consumption of world machine tool and entrance to measure the biggest country position.

The information that the tool of machine tool of the 9th China International that holding comes out on exhibition shows, demand of market of our country machine tool still is compared this year exuberant. Week national capital says general manager of center of exhibition of plane of nation of Beijing of head office of Chinese machine tool, go 5 years, as the world the biggest machine tool imports country and country of machine tool consumption, manufacturer of global machine tool values Chinese market very. Support of policy of equipment manufacturing industry is revitalized to fall in the country, in our country machine tool exuberant demand leaves the property such as main user car, railroad, spaceflight, aviation, shipbuilding, expenditure of our country machine tool and production value will continue to rise this year, expenditure of domestic machine tool can amount to 18 billion dollar. Predict according to the beginning of the year of association of industry of tool of Chinese machine tool, industry of tool of our country machine tool increased the level that fast meeting controls in 20 % 2008, gross value of industrial output of machine tool industry will exceed 300 billion yuan of RMBs.

Week national capital says, this second exhibiting a of the meeting delectable phenomenon is, ginseng exhibit numerical control of product of company of domestic machine tool to change rate achieve 70 % above, be in should have great progress to side of high-end market demand. This shows numerical control of our country machine tool industry is changed rate is apparent rise, machine tool of a batch of high quality machining center that have own intellectual property, numerical control comes out, below the big environment that glides in global economy, domestic machine tool compares prep above as a result of sexual price Euramerican product, because this accepts the favour of southeast Asia country quite, make the rising market that Chinese machine tool exports.