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Dimension of professional machine tool transforms a company: Scale is not large
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The main characteristic that dimension of professional machine tool transforms a company is: Scale is not large, belong to technology intensive enterprise; Well-known trademark advantage is clear, hardware condition is opposite weaker; Give priority to with civilian battalion, joint stock company, enterprise benefit mostly better.

Look from dimensions, these maintenance transform the company's big about a hundred person, young a few people even a few, company actual strength is uneven. These professional dimension change the company's main composition: It is be come off turn the maintenance company that establishs to the society in producing an enterprise to optimize combination, these enterprises are enjoying all sorts of favourable conditions of old company already, carry on task of the maintenance of the mother's body, overhaul and carry on contract, face whole society again; The 2 civilian battalion dimension that are place of courtyard of a batch of scientific research and combination of personnel of state-owend enterprise billabong transform a company, because the mechanism is agile, development is very rapid, change one's profession in dimension the proportion in course of study increases gradually. For instance, established several professional dimension to transform a company from institute of Beijing machine tool and the personnel of a few technologies that from Wuhan factory of heavy-duty machine tool comes out, and very active now, already became dimension to change the main force of the market.

Most and professional dimension changes a company to belong to technology intensive enterprise, main personnel has higher technical level, technical personnel occupies the 90% above of company number. These professional dimension change a company to there is specialty to emphasize particularly on on the technology, main component is the following kinds: It is the reproducing with mechanical part is given priority to; 2 it is the reproducing with system of electric equipment numerical control is given priority to; 3 it is the integrated service company that can undertake mechanical dimension changes to be able to undertake counting accusing to change transforming again already.

From the point of the numerical control system that provides in machine tool reproducing, at present well-known trademark still is holding the international such as Xi Menzi, Fanake major market share.

Especially the heavy-duty machine tool, reproducing that exceeds heavy-duty machine tool, average user can specify the numerical control system that uses international name tagvisiting card. Go up century after 90 time, the system of homebred numerical control of our country, be like China in the progressively maturity such as numerical control, spaceflight numerical control, Guangzhou numerical control rises, more and more share are owned in the market, the photograph contrast that general Bench Machine Tool provides system of homebred numerical control is more.

From production the condition looks, with the machine tool manufacturing company posture is compared, dimension changes a company not to have the hardware requirement such as manufacturing site and professional equipment commonly. Use the pattern of technical society large-scale cooperation, very few whats are done. Bigger company also has the manufacturing workshop of 1000 much square metre only, beijing emperor is for instance blue develop, triumphant accuse to wait oneself in strange, Wuhan China. Also specific company owns bigger field and large and crucial facility, if Tang Shan is heavy-duty,the workshop area of machine tool factory amounts to 80 mus, have slideway to grind wait for crucial equipment. Accuse to develop boring machine of mill of type of be born of large facility numerical control, numerical control to decide diplodocus door in proper motion oneself in Wuhan China lathe of mill of vertical of Shuangzhu of mobile boring milling machine, numerical control.
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