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Manufacturing industry of Fujian Province equipment (Jin Jiang) key base uncover
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14 days, the Fujian Province equiped 2008 manufacturing industry (Jin Jiang) project butt joint can be held in Jin Jiang. The positive result of project of 269 equipment manufacturing industry that can release orgnaization of college of province inside and outside, scientific research to receiving and the 185 technologies requirement that I save equipment manufacturing industry.

Zhu Sen of vice-chairman of mechanical Joint Industry Conference of vice-governor Li Chuan, China attended a butt joint to meet.

Around drive the domain such as industry of spin machinery, stone material machinery, shoemaking machinery and form a complete set of cooperation of equipment manufacturing industry to produce learn to grind butt joint, sponsor just hold butt joint of special performance of trade of 4 a place where people gather for various purposes to meet, invite mechanical industry expert and provincial equipment company is discussed negotiate cooperative matters concerned.

In recent years, I save the principal property that regards a foundation as the gender equipment manufacturing industry to try to breed, make make industry of industrial economy pillar. Equiped 2007 enterprise of above of manufacturing industry dimensions 2154, the gross value of industrial output that finish 206.7 billion yuan, the industry makes an appointment with five hundred and six thousand nine hundred person from personnel of course of study, preliminary form the system of equipment manufacturing industry that has certain technology base and dimensions.

Current, my province is project machine, electrical engineering electric equipment, large and medium-sized the course of study of the manufacturing industry such as machinery of passenger car, environmental protection and plane maintenance line of business, shipping build and repair dominant position with be had stated in chinese mainland or characteristic, among them annulus type fork-lift truck, coach, medium or small the mainland of product output house such as electric machinery, articulatory bearing visits first place of course of study of city person of the same trade each.

That day, manufacturing industry of Fujian Province equipment (Jin Jiang) key base uncovers a shop sign.