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In recent years, manufacturing industry of our country shipping develops quickly. But a group of data show, in the past 10 years, crop of our country shipbuilding increased 500% , and estate of form a complete set is severe however lag. Accordingly, the dimensions that promotes form a complete set of our country shipping the industry and technical level had made an urgent task.

Development of industry of our country shipbuilding is carried ceaselessly fast, line of business of shipping form a complete set is serious lag more highlight. Because start be enslaved to be enslaved to of investment of research and development of late, oversight, crucial technology person, at present the productivity of product of shipping form a complete set such as our country engine lags behind at demand greatly, need a large number of imports. Current, what mainland produces is marine equipment shipment rate is less than 40% , still include to comparative among them big joint-stock or one part foreign trader is solely invested company product. And in big country of additionally two shipbuilding, japanese form a complete set is homebred change rate amount to 98% , korea form a complete set is homebred change rate about 85% .

The main production manufacturer of industry of world ship form a complete set is in northwest Europe and Japan centrally. Current, the diesel engine that our country produces, generation set, airscrew marine equipment of form a complete set reachs international level on the whole, but domain of product of form a complete set waits in control system of marine navigation, communication, system drill helm, special ship, support system, still introduce foreign equipment product more.

Industry of our country shipbuilding imports equipment of core of shipping form a complete set generally from the developed country such as Germany, cause purchase cost house not to fall high. Below big much case, outside removing the fundamental material such as shipbuilding board, the ” of shipping “ heart such as equipment of control of engine, electron is imported from abroad commonly. The personage inside course of study points out, the overall level of line of business of Chinese ship equipment is: In side of ship of high additional cost, the holds value of equipment of full boat Electromechanical about scale that uses foreign device at present is 60% ; In side of commonly used ship, the 30% ~ that use foreign equipment to hold price of equipment of full boat Electromechanical at present 45% .

Current, world ship technology to large change, hi-tech changes direction to develop quickly. In the meantime, implement IMO new regulation, the new requirement such as safe, environmental protection, those who caused technology of domain of shipping form a complete set is ceaseless newer. Manufacturer of Europe and day, Han enlarges foreign market hard, each brand manufacturer takes scientific research investment and technical development seriously very, have stronger achieve actual strength of technical scientific research formerly. When this age bound, marine equipment technology develops total tendency is: Efficient, automation, compositive change, modular, several Yu Huahe intelligence are changed, high-power, macrobian life, minor volume, free from contamination, safe, reliable new product comes out ceaselessly.
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