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Emery wheel of M1083A inadvertently grinder wears main shaft bearing to grind de
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From it is OK to tear open the main shaft below to go up see, surface of main shaft journal does not have too apparent bruise, we undertake main shaft exterior polish to main shaft journal on C630-1 lathe, make its surface achieves Ra0.8µm requirement, to main shaft journal undertakes remeasure after polishing, its dimension is Ø105-0.010-0.008mm.
Additional, if surface of main shaft journal has apparent scar, must undertake to main shaft journal essence of life is ground, in order to assure exterior surface roughness: If after grinding, journal decrescent, cannot satisfy main shaft and bearing cooperate clearance requirement, must have reliable rinse plating repair to main shaft journal, achieve technical requirement in order to make sure bearing of main shaft ——— cooperates clearance deputily, reach the tigidity that affects facility badly regular job otherwise.
Inspect the hole inside bearing, there is apparent attrition mark on aperture of the bearing before discovery, and main shaft neck through checking its each precision is basic inside allow poor limits, excluded factor of main shaft out of tolerance. Check lube road to discover oil path jams at the same time serious. After polish of main shaft journal achieves the exterior surface roughness of the requirement, relatively complex to the rehabilitate of the aperture inside bearing, operate not easily, precision is bad to assure. Between the main shaft that we reach a requirement according to dimension of Ø105-0.010-0.008mm of main shaft journal first and bearing cooperate clearance 0.063mm design to make one diameter examine for Ø105 0.038 0.040mm arbor, difference of allow of its taper, circularity is 0.002mm, regard final examination as the tool, design at the same time, made grind the rehabilitate that Ø105 0.038 0.040mm heart club can insert the Kong Ju inside bearing more smoothly to inspect the hole inside the bearing when contact of the aperture inside heart club and bearing is even with red pink is finished basically. Finally, use internal diameter dial indicator even size of the hole inside bearing of accurate desired result.
Intention club examines inside the advantage of aperture is heart club lesser, ongoing grind inside Kong Shi, can measure at any time, and main shaft is opposite too too big, heavy, move not easily. Detect with heart club again, prevented the knock against injury with needless main shaft.
In the Kong Shi inside abrade bearing, should notice diligent measure, repair repeatedly grind, measure repeatedly, till till achieve each,the respect asks. What ought to notice is, when the bearing aperture that grinds dead in repair, can use the opening inside drawknife scrape bearing anything but, before making extremely easily so, hind bearing aperture coaxial is spent reach place to repair out of tolerance of bearing aperture surface roughness, repair the hole that because of scrape generation leaves on the face inside bearing aperture in place at the same time, destroy area of deputy pressure of bearing of main shaft —— when installation repair runs build.
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