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Emery wheel of M1083A inadvertently grinder wears main shaft bearing to grind de
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The gold that my factory production uses cuts facility in, the M1083A inadvertently cylindrical grinder that has production of factory of peaceful machine tool of one Taiwan Strait. The characteristic of this equipment is rigid efficiency of good, production performance characteristics of tall, equipment is good, can get used to large quantities of need that estimate production. Its grinding annulus, before guide pulley main shaft, hind bearing all uses filmy feedback static press bearing, bearing is structure of semmetry of 4 oil pocket. This equipment appeared recently main shaft of emery wheel wearing is static press bearing deputy grind dead breakdown, we had successful repair to its. Union repairs the reason that the process malfunctions to equipment below, static press craft of bearing deputy rehabilitate to try to sum up.

1 breakdown case study

Emery wheel wears main shaft (grinding annulus main shaft) the reason that bearing grinds dead basically is in two respects: Is Tuo of Tuo of alliance of disclose of  of gourd ladle of live abroad of show off emperor spat return mire Yong of extensive of decadent of apricot of Ke of leg of  of wall of  of to joke of fir  drought is spat return mire  benzene of tadpole of  of perch of reef of fir  U putting in order embraces decadent of apricot of Ke of leg of Gu Liu  earth of Tuo of  of bad graceful gourd ladle?
The block of oil path sending oil basically is to be in oil purifier place. M1083A sends oil path to go up to have ternary oil purifier in all, especially fine filter is easy be jammed or filter core paper quality is dissolved cause pressure sending oil to drop, oily capacity is insufficient, make oil pressure too low, and at the same time system of lock of each other of the main shaft electric equipment that start is out of order, bring about static press bearing deputy grind dead.
The oil path block that enters bearing oil pocket basically is to be in place of clearance of filmy feedback throttle. Gap is serious when block, the oily amount that enters oil pocket is very few, oil pressure is very low, main shaft cannot rise in the float in bearing well, if pull,move grinding annulus turns to be not moved or very heavy, once start grinding main shaft,cause likewise right now static press bearing deputy grind dead.

1.2-Ø105mm place and bearing cooperate clearance 0.055 ~ 0.060mm
Allow of 2.2-Ø105mm ovality, taper differs 0.002mm
M1083A emery wheel wears main shaft diagram

M1083A emery wheel wears main shaft spare parts to be like right graph.

2 rehabilitate craft

We tear open grinding spindle after falling, discover breakdown basically is before main shaft bearing, bearing is not had after grind apparently dead trace. Above all we undertake be metricaled accurately to the journal before main shaft with micrometer, real measure is Ø105-0.008-0.007mm, measure so that diameter of the aperture inside bearing is Ø105 0.048 0.051mm with internal diameter dial gauge, from this knowable its cooperate clearance to be between 0.055 ~ 0.059mm, and static press bearing to cooperate clearance deputily to ask to give priority to) of dimension of axial journal nominal for 0.006D(D, d=105mm of journal of M1083A main shaft, its cooperate clearance technology to ask to should be 0.063mm. Design a requirement cooperate clearance to be 0.055 ~ 0.060mm, the course measures size actually knowable its can satisfy main shaft and bearing basically between cooperate clearance to ask. Error of circularity of main shaft journal is 0.001mm, the 0.002mm circularity allow that contented blueprint asks is poor, assured the circumgyrate precision of component of equipment main shaft and stiffness thereby.
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